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Friday, April 26, 2013

Trip to the Park & Bathtime

This week Monica and I took the boys on their first trip to Cliff Cave Park! Cliff Cave is our favorite running spot and we will be taking the boys there many, many times. Here in Missouri we've been having quite a bit of rain and they've been having a lot up North as well, which has been causing some flooding. So we only got to take a very short abbreviated walk in the park, but it was still fun to pack the boys up and get them out of the house.

We've been giving the boys plenty of baths lately too. They're boys, so they get dirty a lot. Us boys our gross ya know! :)

Also, the home health nurse came by Tuesday to check on the boys. They ordered two follow up visits with a home health nurse after we left the hospital. Tuesday was the second and last visit. The boys have gained more weight!! Jace went from 5 lbs 11 oz to 5 lbs 15.5 oz in 4 days! Jeriah went from 5 lbs 0.5 oz to 5lbs 7.5 oz in 4 days!!! This definitely makes us happy and assures us they are getting enough nutrition. No matter how many dirty diapers they have or how often they eat, we still worry a little as to whether they're getting enough. We know they most definitely are!

Overall, not a whole lot to say. Just thought I'd post some pictures from our trip to the park and bath time for the boys!

Rocking their shades for the trip to the park!

The trail continues about 2 miles straight ahead and loops back around to the left.

If you look close, you can see a small glimmer of trail where
it turns to come back.

A shot from further up the hill where the first one was taken.

Jace ready for bathtime

Jeriah showing off his karate moves before bathtime

Look his lost his umbilical cord! (Jeriah already lost his)

Oh man! Holding onto that pacifier a little too tight

Our favorite outfits to put them in! Notice the Converse socks.
They look like little studs!


  1. Love watching the babies grow. I'm so happy you two are enjoying them so much! At some point I'll have to come by and see them (and you two of course!) <3 Janis

    1. Absolutely! Let us know when you're in town!