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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Twin Update & Christmas Lights

We had an OB appointment today! Everything is going great! Mommy Monica's blood pressure was good, and everything is going awesome! Mommy has been gaining appropriate weight (hardly anything). I'll let her give you the number if she so chooses. :)

The heart rates were 154 and 138. I was thinking we were having 2 girls. Can't really say why, it was just a gut feeling, but the difference in heart rates has me holding out hope that I may get my dream come true... 1 of each! As I've said in previous posts, I know it's all wive's tales and doesn't mean anything, but I'll put 0.43% trust in them and hold on to hope of 1 of each! Whatever God has planned is perfect for us!

I had some requests for Christmas light pictures so I thought I'd do one better and video them, along with a live shot of Mommy Monica's belly! Plus you have to see my twinkling bushes in action!


  1. Great job on the decorations... we used to do the candy canes but they weren't lighted ones... i can see why your house is the envy of the neighborhood! Monica, you look great!!!

  2. Nice video my man!!! House looks good no doubt. Monica looks like something is brewing in there:) I am glad things are progressing smoothly. The old wive's tale held true for Alayna. There is NO better feeling then when a father knows he will be having a daughter :)

    You two have to be close to finding out what you are having. Do you have any plans on announcing it to the family? We did a hamburger or hot dog party to announce the sex since we found out in early summer. So we had a hamburger party to announce we were having a girl :)

    Take care you two!!

    1. Yes sir we are! We find out next week! We are not going to find out at the ultrasound however. We're going to have the US tech put the findings in an envelope and we'll give them to a friend of ours who decorates cakes. She's going to make a cake for each baby and the inside will reveal what gender each baby is! We're having a party with all our family and friends and we'll all find out together when we cut into the cakes! Should be a lot of fun!

      That is hilarious how you guys announced it! Never heard of that. Very original and awesome! Hope Alayna is doing spectacular along with Maria and yourself!

  3. How exciting!! I loved the video! Monica looks beautiful, and you can definitely see her bump! I hope there is one of each for you, and I can't wait for you to actually find out.

    Great job on the lights as well! I am normally the one who does lights for our house, but I hardly put any up this year. Our house is somewhat depressing in regards to our decorations. Oh well! Next year should be filled with lights again! :)

    1. Thanks Megan! You are 12 weeks pregnant, I think you are allowed to take it easy, lol! Next year you have your baby help you! :)