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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Generosity & Moving Babies

It's another week to stop and reflect on all the many things we can and should be thankful for in our lives. Life can get crazy busy and it gets so easy to overlook all the things in life we can be thankful for. So let's get to it folks! Here's what Monica and I are thankful for this week....

Monica's List:

I am thankful for movement! We learned at our last ultrasound that both placentas are anterior. This means they are between my belly and the babies. My doctor said that was the reason why I hadn't been feeling them move very much up until that point. She told me as they continue to get bigger I will be able to feel them more and more! Well this past week that has been the absolute truth! I feel them move everyday, for most of the day! It is the most AMAZING thing! I pretty much smile every time! :) So far it's looking like A is going to be our rambunctious lively one and B is going to be more chill and calm. It seems like baby A never stops moving and only every once in a while do I feel a slight bump on my right side from B. Matter of fact ...A keeps bumping me as I type this! lol! Oh man...I have a feeling that boy is gonna keep us on our toes!

I am so thankful that Jeremy has been able to feel them too!! We were both so excited for that day to come! He has felt A at some point every night for the past several days! I'm so thankful God has given us the gift of our twin boys and we get to bond over them! It makes me feel even that much more close to my hubby knowing that the boys are a mixture of the two of us! It is such a miracle!

Jeremy's List:

I'm thankful for the generosity of others! It's no secret that Monica and I are extremely blessed, which I think is an understatement. Monica and I just purchased a 4 door vehicle a few weeks ago. It has been running like a champ! It's such a nice car and we're extremely grateful for it. I'm a dork when it comes to cars. I like to do little stuff to them to make them "cool." Every vehicle I've ever owned has had tinted windows, an aftermarket head unit (radio), subwoofers, and an eyebrow (tinting or vinyl across the top of the windshield). Dorky I know, but I like it. Money has been exceptionally tight around our home with buying the new vehicle unexpectedly (we were not looking to purchase a car, it was a great deal and fell into our hands, couldn't pass it up). We had to pay taxes and license and insure it. We just got our car insurance bill for the next 6 months, which now has 3 cars on it. So what we set aside every month to pay it is not enough and we'll have to scramble to sell her old car so we can take it off. Anybody looking for a 2000 Toyota Solara? :) Anyways, I said all that to say this... we had two people give us a total of $150 so we can have the windows on our new car tinted. They said it was for the babies so they didn't have to deal with the bright sunlight, lol! So now we'll be able to tint the windows! Normally I would use the money for necessities or to pay down debt like we do with all our extra money, but it was insisted upon by the givers that the money be used as intended.

Also, this past week, we were given a total of $200 that is supposed to be designated to purchasing stuff for the babies! Monica and I have been too busy to shop yet and were very excited that we now know what we're having and can shop appropriately. However, as I said, money has been snug. Now thanks to 2 people, one who we know and have thanked and the other who is anonymous, we can shop for our boys. These 4 people will never know what their gifts mean to Monica and I. It's extremely humbling and makes me feel bad to an extent knowing that they worked hard to earn that money to turn around and selflessly give it to us. We are extremely grateful, and so will our boys be someday!

I think I've rambled enough for a day. So.... what are you thankful for today?! That's not a rhetorical question either. Share your thoughts and comments! Have a great weekend and Christmas everyone!

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