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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our most exciting post yet! 20 Week Twin Baby Pics!!

We had our 20 week ultrasound today! It was a monumental day in the Parks household! Both grandmothers were in attendance, and it was incredible. So where do I start?

Today they were checking for many different things. They were checking the size of the babies, the position, measuring all the developmental markers to make sure they were growing and developing appropriately, checking for any deformities, checking Monica's cervix (awkward to talk about maybe but they checked it out), and looking to see what gender they were!

Baby A weighs 12 ounces and is currently breech (butt down). Baby B weighs 13 ounces and is vertex (normal, head down). They measured their humerus bones, femur bones and their skulls. Every mearurement came back spot on for a 20 week baby! They looked at their kidneys, stomachs, bladders, heart, aorta, brain, ventricles of the brain, and brain stem. All looked spectacular! They checked to see if they had cleft palates and other deformities, which all came back negative!

The ultrasound lady was a dream! She has been doing ultrasounds for 30+ years. She was very informative and taught us a lot along the way. She showed us all kinds of things! She didn't rush through it, but took her time and we got to see the babies a lot! We saw them moving and kicking, and at one point, we watched Baby A kick Baby B in the head!! Don't make me come in there you two! lol! I'm gonna have to start discipling already :) It was awesome to say the least! Monica was like a kid on Christmas Eve last night. She could hardly sleep in anticipation for today! They were very active little boogers!

We learned why Monica hasn't been able to feel much movement and why I haven't felt anything hardly.... both her placentas are anterior. Which means they are in between her belly and the babies. They are kicking and punching away at the placenta, but momma can only feel the real big ones. Poor placentas.

They checked Monica's cervix, which the lady said looks very strong and could support another 2 babies in there! She's got one strong cervix! Which means as long as everything else goes smooth, the risk of premature labor is minimal. With twins, it is always more common, but because she has such a strong cervix they said they don't anticipate that she will go into to premature labor. I always knew she had them good birthing hips! Just kidding! Hahaha! ;)

We told the tech when we went in that we did not want to find out the sex of the babies.... yet. We asked her to put the results in an envelope for us. After she did the full ultrasound and checked her cervix, I asked her if she knew what they were yet, and she replied "Oh yeah, I know what they are." Monica asked if she was certain or had to guess, to which she replied "Honey, I've been doing this for 35 years, I know what they are." Lol! We had no idea she had even looked! She said she had already printed pictures too! She's good this lady!

Afterwards a doctor came in to talk about the results. She asked why we had to do IVF, and we told her it was due to my CF. She asked my mom about our family history, how I was diagnosed and such. Which on a side note, was partially due to my older sister Christa who my parents lost around 8 months of age. She had CF, and when I was born I had a bowel obstruction that resulted in having to have an iliostomy and reversal 2 weeks later. The bowel obstruction was the initial indicator. We told the doctor we had Monica tested and it came back negative. She was happy to hear that we had her tested. While she was talking to us, asking about us and more about my CF, she did another ultrasound and looked at them some more. Afterwords she told us some amazing news!

Monica and I still always have had, and probably will have a slight fear of our kids being born with CF. She could have some rare gene that doesn't show up on genetic testing yet. Afterall they find new ones all the time it seems. The doctor told us she was looking for several early signs of CF. I was completely unaware they could even look for things like that. She told us there are several that they can usually see on ultrasound that will give them an early indicator the child may have CF. She told us that NEITHER of our twins had ANY of the indicators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how exciting that was to hear! Praise the Lord!

Oh, and in case you were wondering why we had her put the gender results in an envelope, we are having a gender reveal party this Friday! Which means Saturday be looking for a post about what the sexes are!

Alright, enough babbling from me, here's some pics from our appointment today!

Baby A

Baby A: Spine and little butt!

Baby A: Back and you can also see the heart, the stomach and the little pelvic bones

Baby A

Baby B

Baby B: spine and little baby butt!

Baby B: Look at those little feetsies!

Baby A: On it's side

Both their heads, side be side... kind of

Baby B: Back

Baby B: Belly shot, if you look close you can see eyes, nose, and little teeth buds

That's the cutest darn ear I've ever seen!


  1. Oh my gosh guys! Those little babies are too cute. The ultrasound tech really got some nice shots! Cant wait to see you guys friday!

    1. Thanks Becca! We're excited to see you guys too!

  2. Jeremy and Monica what a fabulous post!!!! I remember this day very vividly and I to like Monica felt like a kid on christmas eve. This is something you will never ever forget. I am so glad to hear that both babies look great and are developing right on time.

    I think it was a great idea to have Monica tested to see if she was a carrier for CF. I think you know where that stands in my heart with my own family and having Maria tested. So glad to hear that Monica is NOT a carrier it has to be a big relief!!!

    I didn't know you had a younger sister Jeremy! So sorry to hear of the news regarding her :(

    As for that awesome party you are about to have on Friday, make sure you video record it!! I would love to see your reactions when you find out the sexes. I bet the two of you can hardly wait for Friday!!!

    I am looking forward to the post this Saturday so don't make me wait :)

    God bless the two of you!!! We are so thrilled for you both :)

    1. Thanks John! Yes if Monica had been a carrier we would not have went through IVF. Definitely was a must to have her tested pre-IVF.

      Actually, my younger sister is 25 and sh'es perfectly healthy. The sister who passed away would have been 2 years older than me. She was my parents first child.

      You better believe we're going to video record Friday man! We're both so excited! That post will definitely go up Saturday! I will not make you wait my man! lol!