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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Honesty is the Best Policy

I could make a HUGE list of the reasons why I love this man.......
He makes me laugh like crazy!! He is unselfish, kind, tenderhearted, Godly, upright, sweet, romantic, level headed, smart, compassionate, caring, generous, giving, optimistic, humble, organized, hard working, forgiving, loving, easy going, fun... the list could go on and on...
Reason # 546 ;) is that he is HONEST! I could come up with several stories to back up this trait in my husband, but today I will only share one.
Jeremy and I were recently Christmas shopping at Jcpenney's and we found several things we wanted to buy. I don't remember what the total was but Jeremy gave the girl cash. She handed him his change and he paused for a second. I hadn't realized anything, but he noticed that she gave him too much change back. She typed in that he had given her more cash than he had. (As you see above, another reason why I love my husband is because he is smart! He is quick with numbers and noticed it was wrong immediatley. I didn't notice a thing. LOL!) He then nicely explained to the cashier that she had typed in that we gave them more money than we actually did... so it was too much money back. He helped her figure out the right amount and it was a difference of $8 or so. Would Jcpenney ever have noticed that measly $8? No, probably not! But Jeremy knew it was too much change and he made sure to do something about it.
Jcpenney is doing this thing right now where they give away these little buttons when you buy something. There is a code on the back and you enter it in on the website to see if you won anything. I have gotten several of these this season and they have all been "sorry try again's". But of course! The cashier thanked Jeremy for his honesty and said, "Here, have a few extra buttons! I hope you win something for being honest!" And guess what?!! Yep, we won $20 to Jcpenney! Not only did God pay back his honesty, but he doubled it! That's how God works! He is always faithful! Luke 6:38.
I am so proud of the man I get to call my husband! They say, "Don't marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son just like him!" My prayer for our boys is that they will be Godly men of strong character and integrity. That they will love God first and love others before themselves. That they will be kind, caring, generous, humble, hard working and strong men of God...... just like their daddy! One thing is for sure, I sure am a blessed blessed girl!!

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