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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Monsoon Run

A buddy of mine and I went on our usual 4.6 mile run tonight. It was a little cloudy but looked like it was going the opposite direction and would pass by. Wrong! If you remember it was only a few weeks ago we had a similar situation occur with tornado type clouds looming overhead. Of course, holding to our typical fashion, we said to each other "We got this!"

We decided to run it anyhow. A little after mile one, the rain started. Monica was passing us, running back to the car. (She tags along often on our runs and is much smarter than either of us.)

We kept on truckin'!

Just before mile 2 it began down pouring and did not stop until we were finished, at which point it let up. Haha! Had to laugh about that.

Anyway here's our post run interview. It was with my iPhone, which is now stuck in headphone mode and will not play sound through the speakers. It's in a bag of rice as we speak which hopefully will fix it. It's my own fault but still extremely frustrating, lol!

Moral of the story: When it looks like it may be bad weather when Matthew and I get ready to run....... it will be. AND, don't run with my phone when bad weather is present.

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