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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Feels Like Fall

It officially feels like fall here in St. Louie! Our house is a cool 71 degrees with no ac or heat on, and it's just chilly enough outside that the good ol sweatpants and house shoes went on today. It's really overcast and kind of windy out too. Perfect for an evening in! We'll probably watch a movie after eating a big hearty meal, and snuggle on the couch under a blanket. I forgot how much I do enjoy fall. I would rather live in a climate where it's sunny and warm 24/7, 365, but I enjoy fall.

Soon we'll start having bonfires, drinking hot chocolate, and dressing in hoodies and sweats. It may sound silly but I think there's nothing more comfortable than a hoodie. I love wearing hoodies. They're perfect to take naps in! lol! In college I wore hoodies all through the fall and winter, and took a nap almost every day in a big leather chair in the "quiet" room. Good times!

Another advantage to cooler weather, it makes running slightly easier. When I don't have gallons of sweat dumping off me, I find I can run a little farther and faster. Tuesday I was able to complete 4.5 miles without stopping for any walk breaks. It took me 46:42. Monica's fastest time is 43 minutes I believe. Yesterday I ran it again. I didn't stop this time either and completed it in 43:15! I shaved over 3 minutes off my time. It was slightly cooler, and may have made a difference. If I can break 40 minutes, I'll be ecstatic! I'm trying to gear up for a 5K in October that benefits lung transplant patients. My goal for that is 25 minutes or less. Really I would like to only run 10K's. I think I'm getting close to being able to complete one. A few more weeks of running 4.5 miles and I'll start running 6.1, which is a 10K.

Hope everyone is enjoying this cooler weather! (If it's cooling down where you live) I know Monica and I are. Hopefully my updates on my running abilities will encourage you to get out there and GET MOVING!!

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