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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Overnight Help, Dinners & Neighbors

Hey everybody! It's that time of the week! It's Thankful Thursday! Another week forever recorded in the history books, which for us means our boys are another week older :( They grow up so fast! Monica and I like to take time every week to note a few things in our lives we are blessed with. There's always something we can be thankful for! Before I ramble any longer, let's get to our lists shall we?

Monica's List:

To be added......    :)

Jeremy's List:

I'm thankful for overnight help that comes by way of my father-in-law. He has been spending the night with us every other night. Some might hear that and think "poor us" but we welcome it and are very grateful for it! My wife and in-laws worry about my own health and so he stays every other night so I can sleep through the night. It's impossible for Monica to handle both boys on her own when it's feeding time. Maybe if they were bottle fed it could be done, but since they are nursing she definitely needs the help! Even with 2 sets of hands feeding time is an hour and a half ordeal, lol. I'm extremely thankful to my father-in-law for staying with us and sacrificing his own sleep every other night. Especially since he's doing it for my well being! The fact that he gets to see his grandsons all night might play a small role as well. Either way it's a testament to how great a father-in-law I have!

I'm thankful for folks bringing us dinner! A friend of ours set up an online calendar where people can sign up to bring us dinner. That way two people don't show up the same night and we can see when someone will be bringing us dinner. It has been phenomenal! We have only had to cook ourselves dinner once since we've been home and that was only because someone brought us two 1 pound ribeye steaks! They were gooood!!! The food we've been getting is excellent too! From steaks, to lasagna, home-made chicken and dumplings, cakes, it's all been incredible! We're extremely grateful to everyone for bringing us dinner! It's been a huge help!

I'm thankful for caring neighbors! Monica and I got to talk to our neighbor for a good little while this afternoon. We've been here almost 4 years and that is the most we've talked to him. It's sad, but it seems time always got away from us when we went to introduce ourselves and chat. We showed him the boys and it was great to get to talk to him. It's surprising how much your neighbors "know" without ever talking to you, lol! Him and his wife are retired and have lived in our neighborhood around 30 years. Turns out he's a great guy! Looking forward to getting to chat with him and his wife more often!

So...... what are you thankful for today?!

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