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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hip Ultrasounds and Chunky Babies

Monica and I took the boys for their hip ultrasounds yesterday. Our pediatrician always sends twins for hip ultrasounds at 6 weeks old. With twins there is a risk of hip dysplasia, especially if one of the twins is breech for an extended amount of time. He always sends twins anyway, but Jeriah was breech for a decent amount there at the end.

When one twin is breech, they're often sitting on mom's hip bones. This can cause their hip sockets to under develop or develop improperly. The head of the femur (top of your upper thigh bone) won't really "lock" in place like it's supposed to and will sort of float around in the hip joint. This can cause your hip to dislocate often and make walking very difficult. So they want to catch it early on to resolve it.

We haven't heard the official word yet, but the doctor who did the ultrasound said both boys hips look great! He doesn't suspect they will have any problems. Great news! One more thing we don't have to fret about :)

Monica and I have learned that there's always something to worry about when you have kids. I think we're getting to the place where we don't worry as much. After all, our boys are in God's more than capable hands! He has a plan and a purpose for everything!

Our boys also had their reflux medication changed. Both boys were on Axid. Jace has been on it since we left the hospital and Jeriah was put on it a week or two later. Both boys recently started acting "off" during feedings. They would nurse for 6-8 minutes then pull away and scream. Yes, I mean scream. Our boys are not screamers. They really only fuss and only when they're hungry. If we go too long without feeding them, they will elevate to a cry, but never scream. We knew something was up. Then when we would try and give them a bottle of pumped milk, they would do the same thing. They still showed all the signs of being hungry though. We called the doctor and he said it is very common for infants to outgrow the Axid. Axid is supposed to block the acid in the stomach. Eventually if they still have reflux they will need something stronger. Now they are on Prevacid, which tells the body not to produce the acid. It's hard to tell if it's working it's magic yet, since we just started but I think it seems as though it's helping. They seem to still have problems sometimes, but we have feedings now that are as smooth as their little butts! :)

That's all for now. Here's a couple pics to show just how much they've chunked up!

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