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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Growing Boys & High School Visit

Our boys just keep on growing! In the previous post I mentioned their weight gain. Jace gained 4 ounces in 4 days, and Jeriah gained 7 ounces in 4 days! We can tell in their little faces (and butts, Haha!) that they just keep on gaining weight.

Jeriah's face seems to get fuller and fuller. He is almost looking like a completely different baby to me. I keep just staring at his adorable little face in awe of how much he's changed in the last week. His eyes have gotten a light lighter and are blue now instead of newborn dark. I can also tell they have both gained weight by their little butts! They take after their dad in the butt department, in that they don't have one. In the past week or so, I can definitely tell when I'm wiping their butts that their butt cheeks are filling out too, lol!

Jace looks like Jace still, but with a little extra meat under his chin and he's starting to get those baby "fat rolls" on his arms and legs. They're both still as cute as ever! It's still shocking sometimes to think that we're parents to twins. It's so cool!

We go back to the doctor on Friday. We are very curious to see how much they weigh now. We'll keep you all posted!

I also had the opportunity to visit a local high school and talk about CF. It was an anatomy class for seniors. They had learned about CF and I got to go talk to them about CF. It was awesome! They had a lot of good questions and were very attentive. I also got to talk to them a little about jobs in healthcare and they had a lot of questions about that as well. It was a good afternoon! A special thanks to Mrs. Gaylord and the anatomy class at Seckman High School!

He likes to sleep with his arms folded :)

Momma and boys passed out

It was bright in the nursery, lol

Arms crossed again

Just looking adorable

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