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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Twin and Mommy Update

It's been awhile since we have posted an update on how my boys and wifey/soon-to-be-mommy are doing. They are all 3 doing great! Monica has had such a smooth pregnancy and it continues to go smooth, or smooz as my friend Hoy would say (He's from South Korea and hilarious). They boys continue to grow. I don't know this directly but can make an educated guess that since Monica's tummy continues to stick out more and more that they are causing this phenomenon because they are getting bigger! It's also pretty apparent because  of the amount of movement we have been feeling. I can tell those little feet/hands/arms/legs we keep feeling are getting bigger because the thumps are getting harder!

Actually several times we have been able to see them move from the outside! Not just a "bump" either, we can see a little arm or leg roll across her belly! We have a video of it, but the video was taken early in the a.m. and Monica's jammies are not suitable for this blog. She's a hussy, lol!

So far the majority of the movement has come from Baby A. He seemed to be the more active one. Although during our ultrasounds B moved around just as much, so I figured it probably was just his positioning that was causing us not to feel him as much. Now I'm sure that's what it was! Or he decided to up his game these past couple weeks!

Last night was by far the most incredible night as far as feeling the twins move goes. That was the most movement I have felt yet. It came from Baby B. It felt like he was doing somersaults and all kinds of dance moves in there! It was unreal! He was moving so much and we could feel it so good! It left me speechless and giddy! At one point he was not moving as fast or hard, but slower and sort of pushing more than kicking if that makes sense. I started to kind of push in just slightly on Monica's tummy where I had been feeling him doing all his kicking and could literally FEEL his FOOT! I could feel it!!!! My fingers pressed against it for a second or two and he pushed back against my hand! It made me jump! He did it one more time too. I pushed in again just slightly but this time it was more than a subtle push back, it was more of a wiggle around. I guess I disturbed him, lol. It was so insane! Makes me so much more excited to meet my boys! I CANNOT WAIT!

That's all for now I guess. Monica and I are still working on the nursery. It has turned into a reorganize the entire house project, lol! So far we've gone through all our clothes and are getting rid of 4 bags full! I half way reorganized the office (I still have some work to do), and am working on reorganizing our closet and the two closets in the nursery. Obviously we've done a lot of reorganizing in the nursery as well. Some stuff had to be taken downstairs which in turn created an organizing the basement project! Our house is gonna be so organized when they get here!

We also just got our maternity pics on a disk from our photographer, Cindy Lee Photography. We'll post some of those here shortly. We have 28 week Belly Pics coming this Friday, and ultrasound pics coming next Tuesday! Whoo-hoo for upcoming excitement!

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