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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nursery Progress

We we will officially be 26 weeks pregnant with our twin boys this Friday! It is going by so fast! It seems like just yesterday we got our box in the mail with all the meds to start the process. I remember every little step we took. From being in Florida and starting the birth control pills (it's part of the IVF process, I know it sounds weird), to taking the first shot, going in for our retrieval and waiting for that phone call to see how many little embryos we would have.

I remember the transfer. They brought us a picture of the two embroys they would put into Monica's womb. Sitting next to Monica holding her hand and watching the ultrasound screen, we saw the two little flashes of white come out of the needle. Our babies were now officially in their mother's womb! Finally recieving the news we had been praying for years to hear, that Monica was pregnant! It has all gone so fast and we have soaked up every second of it. I wouldn't change it for the world. Enough reminiscing though. On to the real topic of this post, the nursery.

Our progress is... well..... non-existent as you will see by the photos below. People keep asking us if we have it done and seemed amazed when we say no. I guess it is getting close so we'll have to get crackin! I wanted to post some photos of it before so when we finish it you can see the drastic transformation that will have taken place. I also threw in some prelim pics of our nursery bedding and such.

Monica got a sewing machine for Christmas and her mom is a very good seamstress. We decided to make our own blankets, bumper pads, crib skirts, and the thing that goes at the top of the curtains. It is all so expensive and we would have to buy two of most of it. So far we have spent around $50 and we shouldn't have to spend anymore than that. That will include two quilts, two bumper pads, two crib skirts and two curtain things. For all this stuff at most stores it was going to cost between $300-400 dollars. That's craziness on a budget like ours! Hope you enjoy the pics! I am going to start working on it soon! :)

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