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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

24 Week Twin Ultrasound: Update & Pics

We had our 24 week ultrasound yesterday! Everything went great and the boys still look amazing! It was so awesome seeing them moving and squirming around on the ultrasound. We've been able to feel them for several weeks now and have even been able to see Monica's stomach move when they kick now. It's mostly Baby A that punches or kicks so hard we can see it from the outside.
Baby A is still our rambunctious one. He moves A LOT! Baby B does his own share of moving and kicking mommy's ribs, but seems to be much more mellow. At least it appears that way until ultrasound time. Maybe they're just showing off, but when it's time for an ultrasound they both start wiggling like crazy. Baby A did a nice big roll over for us and Baby B showed us his face :)
Baby A was vertex or head down this time! Hopefully he will stay that way so we can attempt to have them regularly and not via c-section. And by "we" I of course mean Monica :) I will be standing near-by with a camera strapped to my forehead! A GoPro to be exact. As soon as I get paid for some things I sold I will have it in my possession, lol.
I guess that's it for now. Everything is going good in our neck of the woods! We just had our maternity pictures taken today. I know not many people do them, but given this very likely may be our only pregnancy I wanted to have them done for Monica! I'd give her the world if I could, which for now came in the form of maternity pics! Which will be coming soon! Enjoy the ultrasound pics!
One of each of their feet and their room divider

Their heads which are now right next to each other

Baby B gave us a nice profile shot

Baby B looking at us. His face was against mommy's belly so his face
looks like it's pushed up against a screen door as the ultrasound tech described it.

Baby A being shy with his back to us. He never lets us see his little face.

Tell me this isn't the most adorable thing you've ever seen! Baby B hanging out
letting us see his little face! He has Monica's nose! Oh and yes that is the cord,
but it's not around his neck, just floating in front of him :)

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  1. great pictures and always enjoy hearing how you all are doing!! God Bless!!!