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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Twin Update!

We had our OB appointment yesterday! Everything went really well. We got to hear their little heartbeats again! 162 and 156. Does that mean boy/girl twins?! The old wives' tale says if your babies heart rate is above 160 it's a girl and below is a boy. I put absolutely zero faith in wives' tales but it would be awesome to have one of each.

Overall everything looks good! Monica's blood pressure is normal. She gained a little bit of weight, which the doctor was happy about. Judging by the doctors comments, it seems as though she wants Monica to gain quite a bit of weight, lol! She has been having some "growing" pain lately and seems to stick out a little more the day after each set of pains. She's been able to feel little bits of movement that she describes as "flutters" for a few weeks now, but they are getting more and more obvious to her. Makes sense as the babies are getting bigger and bigger.

Just this morning, she was laying on her side and had moved her hand to the side of her tummy. Where she placed her hand, she felt a tiny little "poke." One of the babies was not happy about mommy taking up her stretching room obviously. Whoop! Just realized I typed "her" without even thinking about it. Uh-oh! Wonder what that means, lol!

We misunderstood the doctor about our ultrasound appointments. We thought she wanted one in October, November and then at 20 weeks. Turns out she doesn't want one til 20 weeks, then every month after that. Our bad! We kind of got a little annoyed over the whole deal. It all comes down to our being spoiled at the IVF clinic where we saw them every other week. Guess we'll have to wait 4 weeks. On the bright side, we'll find out what we're having then!!

Thanks for reading! Pictures will hopefully be up Friday of Monica's 16 week twin tummy!


  1. Awesome.... :) getting more excited every time I read one of your posts!!! I just love babies!!

  2. The old wives tale held true for us :) It would be great to have one of each though for you guys. As for the "growing" pains, Maria had what is called the round ligament pain. It was painful but in the end its well worth it.

    As for the ultrasounds, I know we were in the same boat having many performed at the IVF clinic but going to the OBGYN we only had less than 4 ultrasounds through the rest of the pregnancy :( We always looked forward to every single ultrasound though :)

    I am glad things are going well for the two of you!!!