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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Baby Stuff, Nature, Ultrasounds & Soup

It's that time of the week again! Time to share some things that we are thankful for! This week is no exception from any other. We have a lot to be thankful for. Aside from our health, jobs, home, etc., here are a few other things Monica and I are thankful for this week. Ask yourself, what are you thankful for? When you think of something leave a comment letting us know what it is! Without anymore pre-thankful chatting, here are our lists!

Jeremy's List:

I'm thankful for the generosity of people we know. Throughout our IVF process our friends and family have been there for us. We have been given several very nice gifts. We were given boxes of clothes, books, 2 car seats, a highchair, a stroller, a Babybjorn baby carrier. It was given to us instead of taken to a Goodwill. We were very thankful for that. Just yesterday, someone gave us a brand new Rocker/Glider! Can you believe that?! We've been given a crib mattress, the thing you put in your buggy when you go to the grocery store so your baby doesn't have to sit on the hard buggy seat. Someone gave us one of those vibrating bouncers. We are very blessed and thankful for all the generosity of the people who did this for us.

I'm thankful for second hand sales! My mom and I went to a baby mania event at a local high school, where we found another Babybjorn carrier for only $20! It looks brand new! In stores those things go for over $100! There's no way we ever could have spent that kind of money on them, and we now have 2! I'm really excited too, because that is the one thing I absolutely wanted! I can't wait to go places and walk around with my baby chillin on my chest! :) Monica found a motorized rocker that plays music, forest sounds, frogs & cricket sounds, and beach sounds at a resale place for $4. Yes only $4. It works awesome and looks like it was never used. Our little second bedroom/nursery is becoming very full. For that I am thankful!

I'm thankful for nature and it's beauty. It's fall here in Missouri and the leaves have been all shades of orange, yellow and red for a couple weeks now and it's gorgeous! Last night the moon was incredibly bright. After I took out the trash, I just stopped and stared at it for awhile. The clouds were gathered underneath the moon and it was so bright, it was beautiful. I love soaking in those moments when God's beautiful design is on display. Those moments mostly occur when I look at my wife! :)

That's all for this week folks! Let's move on to my beautiful wife's list! What are you thankful for?!

Monica's list:

I am thankful for ultrasounds!! I will be 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow! Woo-hoo!! The last ultrasound we had was at 10 weeks. It is killing Jeremy and I waiting for our next one (maybe Jeremy even more than me!) ;) We can't wait to see our precious little twins again! It is the most exciting and amazing thing! At 12 weeks they did a doppler and their little hearts were still beating away! We haven't actually seen them in 5 weeks though!! Most women don't have ultrasounds as often as we were used to having them, but we have been spoiled. There are some communication issues going on with my OB and the Perinatal ultrasound center, soooo..... I'm still not sure when our next ultrasound is going to be. I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, fingers crossed they decide to do one that day! :)

I am thankful for soup! I have been eating a lot of "light" soups for lunch and thankfully they are still hitting the spot! I tend to get tired of food really quick, so I'm glad they have a large variety of different flavors to pick from. Plus soup is just good during the Fall! I like soup! ;)

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