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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Belly Pics: 16 Weeks

I know we are a week behind! Last Friday Monica was officially 16 weeks pregnant. Whoo-hoo! I was invited to speak at the AARC Congress 2012 in New Orleans, LA. Also known as NOLA, Nawlens, The Big Easy, you get the idea. It was an experience let me tell you! We had a blast seeing the sights, and enjoying the food! That's for another post though. Before we left, we took our 16 week belly shots. Here they are! Baseline, 14 and 16 weeks. That way you can see the overall change and the change from 14 to 16 weeks. It's crazy! Them babies are a growing! :)

                            Baseline                                                                               16 weeks

                                                                        14 weeks

1 comment:

  1. WOW!!! You can tell those little babies are growing. The comparison of the baseline to 16 weeks is great. Keep on feeding those little miracles. Glad the two of you had fun in the Big Easy as well.

    Did you eat anything crazy when you were down there??