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Friday, November 2, 2012

15 Weeks!

We're 15 weeks pregnant today! WHOO-HOO!!! It seems to be flying by! We have an OB appointment next week, that will hopefully include an ultrasound. We haven't seen our babies since 10 weeks! It's killing me! We can't wait to see them moving around and hear the heartbeats again!

Won't be long now until we will find out the gender too! They say as early as 16 weeks you can sometimes tell. Hopefully in the next 2-3 weeks we'll get another ultrasound and have a big reveal!

We'll also continue to post photos of Monica's growth, as I'm sure it will start to take off here soon. As well as new photos of the twins that we get.

No new developments otherwise. Monica is doing great! The normal side effects that come with being pregnant, but nothing too terrible. We've been looking around a little for vehicles. Trying to get an idea of what we might want, and a price range. We'll probably wait til after the first of the year to actually sell ours and buy anything, but it's nice to look. I'm thinking I may go down the van route. I like the GMC Safari's, but I think they stopped making them. We shall see. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

P.S. What do you think of my beard?!

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  1. Yes I think our pregnancy went relatively fast. At first it was like week 1 week 2 week 3 and by the time you know it you are at 36 weeks. But enjoy this time. Take a lot of pictures and if you can feel the babies Jeremy on the outside just remember that feeling. Then when they are born you are just blown away by them and you cannot imagine them being in there for 9 months.

    Now as you enter the 2nd trimester that is what is considered the honeymoon stage. Monica will probably feel the best during this trimester. Not to big still able to move around etc. Are you guys planning on taking any pregnancy classes/breastfeeding classes? If so I suggest taking the breastfeeding classes probably the most beneficial. But make sure you take it while Monica is still full of energy and all that. Because we took a pregnancy class with other couples who were approaching their due dates and seemed miserable in the class. That pregnancy class was more of a bonding experience for Maria and I than anything else :)

    Oh and on that beard you got growing......Are you trying out for the show Duck Dynasty???? If you are not familiar with that show I suggest watching it. It is by far the best show on tv and its so hilarious. Great way to move mucus out of the lungs!!!

    But your beard looks like its coming in nice my man! I hope you and Monica have a great weekend.