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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday: No more secrets & more energy

It's Thankful Thursday time! There's always a ton of things we could find in our everyday lives to be thankful for! We like to take this time each week to mention some of them that stand out to us. It seems that here lately, one of us has been doing these solo. Today will be no different. My poor pregnant wifey has been working full time hours for a long time now. She's still in her first trimester and has just been so exhausted lately. She never complains about it, but I can tell. She has another cake to do for this weekend, that she found out yesterday has to be done tonight! We thought the party was in town and the cake was needed for saturday afternoon. Turns out the party is out of town (3 hours away) and needed by friday. She has to send it with a family member early tomorrow morning. Tuesday night we spent with family for her dad's birthday and last night we had church, where we both teach classes. So my poor sweetheart will be up all night working away. Now you are informed. :)

Here's my Thankful Thursday list:

I'm thankful for no more secrets! It was so hard keeping the news of our twin pregnancy from everybody! Not just because we were anxious to tell people, but also trying to keep the ones we did tell from telling everyone. Now it's public knowledge and we don't have to hide it! It's wonderful! In case you were wondering why we would have waited, our main concern was making sure we were far enough along to know everything was gonna be alright.

Many women who go through IVF lose embryos before the first trimester is over. We had several people tell us it was terrible to think like that, but it's a very real reality. We told our families when we were 8 weeks. We wanted to wait longer, but the excitement was overwhelming! We didn't want to wait to tell everyone else, but thought it was the smart decision as so much is at stake in the first 12 weeks. I mainly was looking out for Monica. The odds of a live birth are not the best, and miscarriages happen often. We personally know couples who lost one of the two embryos, as well as couples who lost both. I've also heard from others who have gone through in vitro that having to "relive" the pain of people asking about it, and having to give bad news was terrible. I did not want that for Monica. That's why we were waiting til closer to 12 weeks to announce it. Thankfully, those worries are gone, and there has been nothing but good news!

Monica goes back tomorrow for her 12 week appointment! WHOO-HOO!!! I can't wait! Unfortunately I have to work and can't go, but I can't wait to see the pics of my babies!

I'm also thankful for more energy! Since I have been running 4 times a week with this training program, I have had tons more energy! I am sleeping better, and am so full of energy! In fact, last thursday and tonight, I am going to run (3.5 miles tonight) and do sprints after and go straight to a double header softball game! It's awesome and I love it!

So what are you thankful for?! Let us know! There's always something..... Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!

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