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Monday, October 22, 2012

Second Wind 5K

Monica and I participated in a 5K Saturday that benefits those who have had lung transplants. It's called the Second Wind Lung Walk. This was their 9th annual event. It was a lot of fun! I saw several RT's I work with volunteering there, and several people from work came to run/walk with us. My parents and several of our friends that we run with on a weekly basis were there too, along with my buddy's dad who was doing his first 5K at age 57! That's Greatness!

Just want to take a second to thank everyone who came! I wanted to run the race because I thought it was for a good cause. I was very surprised at the support that I got from family, friends and co-workers who came to the run to support me. I'm very happy we were able to help raise money for a good cause!

As always, Monica did amazing! She's officially 13 weeks pregnant as of this past Friday! Whoo-hoo! She ran the 5K on Saturday too. I know it kills her to have to take it easier and not get out there and pound the pavement, sweat her booty off, and be huffing and puffing. Taking it easy, she still posted a time around 31 minutes. She's so awesome! We got her a really cool shirt to wear for the race too!

It was a great day! I set a new personal best of 26:55! The course had several steep hills as well, which made it very tough. We're not used to running hills at all! haha! If you are struggling to find motivation to work out, hopefully some of this post will help you! I feel the best I've felt in a long time!

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