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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moving for the First Time

September 28, 2012

10 Weeks
We saw them move for the first time today!! It was incredible! It was our first appointment at Monica's regular OB. Up until now we had been going to the IVF clinic. It was quite a bit different too. At the IVF clinic there was virtually no wait time. They got you in and out quickly. We have been ruined! :) We had to wait almost an hour before going back to a room. Only to have the OB pop in to say she couldn't see us because she had scheduled a procedure at the same time as our appointment. So we had to wait for the NP to come. Then wait to hear if they wanted an ultrasound. They "misplaced" her chart, so they did not know we were having twins, lol! There was a lot of waiting and unknowns.
Once we said "twins" they decided to do an ultrasound. The appointment up until ultrasound time was a little disappointing and worrisome for me (Jeremy). I am a very organized person and the IVF office was really on top of everything and extremely organized. I'm hoping it was just an "off" day at their office. I know those do occur from time to time. Once we got to the ultrasound room all the frustrations were immediately gone. It was time to see our babies again!
Although it had only been 2 weeks, it seemed like forever ago that we had seen our babies. She did the heartbeats first. It was a huge sigh of relief for both of us. In the back of our minds we both had been a little nervous that one or both may be lost. I know it's terrible to say or think, but it's a reality that many people face. Monica had been dealing with some nausea from 6-8 weeks, but from 8-10 it had pretty much gone away. This made us both think something was wrong, although neither of us said anything to the other until after this appointment. BUT, both heartbeats were there and beating away at around 170 bpm. They both measured exactly at 10 weeks in size and everything looked perfect!
After the heartbeats and measuring we got to just watch for a while. They were moving like crazy! Baby A seems to be pretty cramped, while Baby B has all kinds of room to chillax. It may just be me, but Baby B seemed more relaxed even though it was still moving. Baby A, on the other hand, was bebopping all over! Those arms and legs were a moving! Seemed like it was trying to push B out of the way for some more room. :) They're already fighting, lol. Now to find a way to whoop them..... :)
It truly was amazing! Monica and I both looked at her belly wondering if it was real. You wouldn't have known anything was going on at all from the outside. On the inside was a different story! They were either fighting or getting jiggy with it to the beat of mommy's heart! Can't wait to see what they look like next!!!!

Her next appointment is this Friday, October 12! We'll keep you posted!


  1. I'm going to be a frequent commenter on here it seems :) Since my wife and I went through IVF and are about to deliver Alayna I just feel such a connection with people going through IVF. The worry about the babies never will stop my friend its just a part of this process.

    The heartbeat is 170 bpm looks like you guys are having two little girls according to the old wives tale. Old wives tale says above 150 you will a girl. The old wives tale held true for us. Our little girl was over 160 BPM.

    We are still over joyed for you and Monica!!!

  2. Awe it is so cool to get to see a picture and they are so tiny and so cute.... funny how it all happens and how God is just moving and helping them grow!!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!