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Monday, October 15, 2012

12 Weeks Pregnant

As of Friday the 12th, Monica is officially 12 weeks pregnant! #12onthe12th! (That was supposed to be a joke by imitating the #12in12, which is hoping that the STL Cardinals win their 12th World Series ring in 2012.) Her check up went great! No ultrasound, but they did doppler two heartbeats around 160. Everything is looking great!

Here's a couple pics showing the size of our little movers. When we were at the state fair this year, a booth was handing out little replicas of a 12 week baby. Pretty astonishing how developed they already are in there.

Oh and a quick update on the movement front. We still can't feel them from the outside, but yesterday evening, towards the end of our pastors sermon, they were moving around a lot. Monica said there was definitely no doubt then it was them. They must have enjoyed the sermon. :)

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