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Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Work Out!

Well, I started working out regularly again last week. About time I know! The past couple months have been a bummer for me health wise. Up until a week or two ago I've felt crummy since January. Been fighting fevers, congestion, incessant coughing, rattling in my chest (which I never have had before and induced more coughing), and the inability to clear secretions. I don't mean to whine or complain. Every time I tried working out, it would drain me for a couple days. Probably because I push myself too hard. Not that I'm super fit, I get down on myself for slacking and try to compensate by over-doing it when I work out.

Anywho, I'm super glad to be feeling good and getting back into workout routine! I started back up doing P90X! Get supersonic "X" style ripped! :) It's what works for me. After work, doing my treatments and eating dinner, it's usually around 6:30. By then I just don't feel like changing and driving to a super crowded gym (6-9pm is peak workout time at the gym by us) to work out for an hour and then come home. This way I can workout in my basement and Tony Horton (P90X guy) really pushes you, which I like!

I like to have a regiment, a routine, but it's easier to have someone tell me, do this, this, and then this. Know what I mean? I don't have to come up with a workout routine or think about what to do, just start the video and go! It's high intensity and really gets me breathing hard and coughing up gooky stuff! AND.... it builds muscle at the same time! I'm thin enough as is, so I want to get my aerobic exercise in without risking losing weight. This way I can workout 3 days a week (I don't do the full 6 day a week schedule) and supplement additional cardio by running. It's a win/win for me! Plus, Monica is a HUGE motivator! Since we're looking into IVF and hoping to start soon, she has been really pushing herself to be in the best shape she can before hopefully getting pregnant. Seeing her workout and push herself helps me to push and we feed off each other, another win/win! We're hoping to get a set of decent bikes soon so we can include biking into our barrage of exercisio. Anybody know of a good place to look? Or a good brand to buy? I'm clueless on what to look for.

I hope this helps push you to get out there and GET MOVING as my buddy Ronnie would say! Start wherever you can. Even if you just dedicate yourself to going for a 30 minute walk once a day. Everybody can find 30 minutes to just walk! If you have a treadmill, drag it out, get the dust off, put it in front of the tube and walk to your hearts content while watching your favorite show. Start somewhere, and STICK WITH IT! that's the key, make up your mind to keep doing it! That's the biggest battle of working out, to keep with it. That being said, I'm off to do Shoulders & Arms! Let me know what you did this week to GET MOVING!

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