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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Feeling Blessed

So I had the opportunity to go to a mini march for CF today! It was at my sisters daycare, The Nurturing Place in Springfield, MO. They were raising money for Cystic Fibrosis by taking donations and then all the little kids in the daycare (about 80 today) were going to march around the parking lot to raise money. I had been excited about this for a long time! Last night however, I was up all night long with a bunch of sinus drainage causing the back of my throat to itch/tickle and making me cough nonstop. I managed to get about 2 hours of combined sleepage time! lol! I was very close to calling and cancelling on the mini march because of feeling so crummy. (This past year and definitely past few months have been havoc for my health, constantly fighting colds and viruses, Missouri "weather changes" have been crazy this year) I knew the people at the daycare had been working very hard to make this happen and were expecting me, and come on, who can let down 80 little kids?! Not me!

So I made my trek down this morning, and of course it was raining. I say of course because I had this little feeling that a certain someone living under the crust of the earth :) didn't want me to go today because of the fit I had coughing last night. So I assumed there would be some other "road blocks" to having everything go perfectly. Other than the weather though, everything did go perfect! All the little kids were great! They were so excited to go on their march! Most little kids get shy when they meet someone new, but not these guys! They warmed up to me right away and were giving out high fives and hugs like crazy! The march went phenomenal! The staff at The Nurturing Place were awesome! They had the place all decorated in purple and all the little kids and staff were wearing purple! It was CF'd out at the daycare!!! They all made special mini march hats to wear and had streamers and stuff to wave while we marched!

Overall they raised $400 for the CF foundation and are going to continue raising through the end of the week! I have to admit, getting to spend the morning with these guys and seeing them march around with their streamers, hats, purple gear, and little CF mini march stickers on touched my heart! I know most of them were too young to really understand what CF is or does. To them it was walking around waving stuff and wearing the hats they made, but to me it was incredible! It meant so much to get to be there and see all the hard work that the people at The Nurturing Place put into this march! So THANK YOU to everyone who had anything to do with the mini march for CF today!

On the way home, I was feeling very greatful for the opportunity to participate in the march as well as very honored. The daycare chose to raise the money for CF because of me. From what I understand they have done fundraisers in the past for other organizations, but when they found out, through my sister who works there, that I have CF they chose to raise the money for CF this year! They invited me down for it and treated me like an honored guest! :) Every time I look at a child I see the miracle of God's creation in them. Today I got to see around 80 little miracles marching their hearts out for CF! It was a blessing and one of those "reality" moments when you realize just how great He is and how blessed you are!

UPDATE!! I talked to my sister yesterday and the final amount of money raised for the CF Foundation was $500.55!! That's pretty amazing for a little daycare in Springfield, MO! If pre-schoolers and a handful of kindergarten and first graders can do that what can we do? AND... They are already talking about other fundraisers they can do throughout the year or the CF Foundation! I'm amazed at their generosity!

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