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Sunday, June 28, 2015

6th Anniversary Trip/Babymoon 2015

Monica and I just happened to have a 3 day weekend off AT THE SAME TIME! It's a phenomenon that never occurs in the Parks household. We usually have opposite days off. It just happened to be our 6th wedding anniversary weekend too! We decided we needed to take a trip somewhere... anywhere... just us. We've been so insanely busy lately with trying to get our house ready to sell (another story for another post) we haven't had any time together. I've been getting off work and spending hours at our house before heading home to my in-laws. (Oh yea, I forgot to mention we moved out of our house and in with Monica's parents.) by the time I'm done with treatments and dinner it's time to go to bed. It's been crazy. Legit crazy, lol. We needed to get away and forget about the stress of fixing a house. Not to mention Baby #3 will be here in 4 weeks! 

My parents agreed to keep the kiddos for the weekend and we were off! We booked a train to Chicago very cheap and booked a hotel on the way. We were right on the Magnificent Mile! We slept in both days and did a lot of walking! A lot! I'm glad Monica didn't go into labor, lol! We saw some sights, did some shopping, some eating and just enjoyed being with each other! Eating meals without trying to feed reluctant toddlers, going to bed without fighting reluctant toddlers, sleeping in without hyper early bird toddlers telling us to "wake up." It was nice! We really missed the boys but it was a nice getaway. 

One of my favorite parts was probably our dinner at Jake Melnicks. It was a small tavern that had awesome buffalo wings (if you know me you know I love buffalo wings) and a dish called Street fries. They were AWESOME (said in a heavenly voice as if being sung by angels)!!! It was a pile of French fries topped with smoked pulled pork, nacho cheese, sriracha sauce and jalapeƱos! They were FIRE!! I almost went back for them again. 

We had so much fun and it was a great stress reliever trip! Now back to the grind. Here's some pics from our trip:

This is called a Polaris Slingshot. Awesome car! That's the first time I ever saw one in person. 
Getting all artsy and stuff :)

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