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Monday, January 26, 2015

Fun at the Magic House

The boys keep getting more and more fun! I find myself looking forward to getting off work, etc. so I can go home and play with them. They're so much fun!! Most of the time, I'd rather be with them playing than be away from them. Don't get me wrong there are times when I need a break. Lately those seem to be pretty few and far between. They've been such great boys lately. Their little personalities are hilarious! They've gotten into this silly phase. Especially Jace. He walks around the house fake, belly laughing. He'll throw his head back and laugh. It's so funny because it's so fake! He makes a pretty silly face when he does it too!

This past Friday, Monica and I were both off work the same day! Which never happens! So we took the boys to the Magic House. For you out of towners, the Magic House is a place for kids to play. Almost every obstacle, puzzle, or thing for them to play with is educational. A lot of the things work on their coordination and analytical thinking skills. And of course, they can use their imagination! They have a mini grocery store with plastic food and food containers. It has checkout counters where kids can be the cashier. Jace found an abandoned basket full of food and started putting it all away, lol. He's the helper. He loves to help! They have a construction zone, pizza place, library, etc. All miniaturized so kids can play with them and feel grown up. It's a pretty neat place! They boys loved it! They got to run around and go wherever they wanted to, and play with whatever they wanted. They are also fascinated with watching big kids.

Jeriah is the social one. He's the one that will walk up to other kids and smile at them, then laugh with excitement because he's around other kids. Poor little guy has been pushed down so many times doing that. He just wants to say hi, lol. He wanted to run everywhere! Jeriah's run isn't really a run. It's more high stepping at a fast walk pace, haha. It was so cute. Every time we took him to a new area, he would run. He's a climber too, so he wanted to climb on everything. Meanwhile Jace strutted around. When he walks, he struts. Like he's a big shot, lol. He has his chest out, shoulders back, swings his arms and struts. We have no idea where he got it from. It's not really a cocky sort of strut though. It's more an "I don't care what people think" kind of a strut. He just walked around looking at everything, taking it all in.

There was a peg board with lights behind it and different color acrylic pegs to put in the holes. When you put the acrylic peg in the hole, it would light up. Jace could have played there for hours probably. I finally had to show him there was a bunch of other stuff to do or who knows how long he would have stayed there and played, lol. The trip was a blast! We're excited about this summer and getting to take them more places! They absolutely love the water too, which will make this summer a blast! We're gonna have to join the Y or somewhere with a pool to take them to swim a bunch.

Here's a few pics from the trip:

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