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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Twin Update & Thankful Thursday

The boys turned 6 months old this month and had their doctor visit this week! They're still growing!

Jeriah went from 13 lbs 9 oz to 15.5 lbs and from 25 3/4 in to 26 3/4 in.

Jace went from 15.5 lbs to 17.5 lbs and from 25.5 in to 26.5 in.

It's crazy that they each grew exactly one inch and gained 2 pounds!! The doctor said everything looks great! They're hitting all their developmental milestones and then some!

They're both sitting up on their own. Jace does awesome at sitting up! He's got it down! Jeriah still likes to lean back a lot, lol. He seems more interested in wanting to stand. I wouldn't be surprised if he skips crawling or only does it til he can pull himself up so he can walk. Monica and I joke that Jeriah wants to be a big boy, while Jace is content being a baby, lol!

We can start introducing meats and feeding them table foods! We started last night at Texas Roadhouse with bread and sweet potatoes. Jeriah did great and loved it, while Jace gagged and spit it out. Haha! They are so totally different in almost everything they do! It's so funny to watch!

The only downside is for the past 2 weeks they've had stuffy noses. We've had to suction them A LOT. Recently it started turning yellow, so they are getting their first doses of antibiotics :( I thought I would be a lot tougher and that suctioning, etc. would be easier than it is. I hate it. They cry and do not like it! I completely understand. It's the equivalent of being NT (nasotracheal) suctioned for adults. That's where we as RT's put a suction catheter down your nose into your lungs and suction. To get all the mucus, we have to put the bulb syringe really far into their little noses, especially Jace. His congestion is worse. They can't sleep good, because they can't breath and they have trouble eating as well for the same reason. It's hard to watch them be so uncomfortable. On top of the congestion they got 4 shots yesterday and were running some pretty good fevers for 2 days after. Poor little guys are having a tough go these past couple days!

Today the congestion seemed a lot better, and they seemed more back to themselves! Hopefully them and daddy will all be back to our normal, healthy selves next week!

The only plus knowing their little immune systems are getting stronger. For that we are thankful!

Speaking of thankful..... It's Thankful Thursday!!! We have so much to be thankful for! Life is full of blessings, big and small!

To add to the Thankful Thursday aspect, I got to meet a neighbor of ours this week. Monica has been driving my blazer to work so I can have the car in case I need to take the boys anywhere. I forgot to mention to her that my gas gauge is broken. Uh-oh! Thankfully it didn't run out of gas on her, it ran out on me, lol! I was on my way home from getting the boys medicine, and it broke down about a mile from the house. I was walking to the house when a car passed me, turned around and stopped to offer a ride. It was a neighbor who had recently moved in. We hadn't had the chance to introduce ourselves yet. He gave me a lift back to the house, and along the way we had a short conversation about our families and lives. I learned that his wife has cancer and is halfway through the chemo/radiation process. They have a son, under 1 year old, and he had to quit his job to work from home so he could take care of his wife and son. Obviously they are going through a rough time. I wouldn't have guessed it by his demeanor though! He is in good spirits and seems to be a great guy! I'm looking forward to getting to know them better! Please keep them in your prayers!!!

Afterwards, Monica and I were talking about how awesome God is and how He works in mysterious ways. I was slightly annoyed when I ran out of gas and how bad the timing was (as if there's ever a good time to run out of gas, lol). As they say, hind sight is 20/20. If I hadn't run out of gas, I wouldn't have met my neighbor. Who knows when we would have introduced ourselves. God wanted us to meet and he used my blazer running out of gas to do it. He has reasons for everything! It's exciting when God puts new people in your path!

So, what are you thankful for this week?!?!

P.S. Here's some recent pics of our boys!

Sitting up like big boys

Jace off in "Jaceland" and Jeriah high on applesauce

Already posted this once but it's an all-time fav

Their new winter hats

Posted this one already too, but it's a good one in their mummy outfits

Snoozing, holding onto his toy :)
You can also see his first little cut on his eyelid.
He was playing with his aunt and got a little rowdy!

Jace's "I just woke up and I'm trying to sort life out" face

Sleeping holding a toy again

First time sitting in big boy chairs at the restaurant

There were too many distractions to get them to look at us and smile, lol

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