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Monday, October 28, 2013

Home Sweet Home

I made it home today! Man, oh man, does it feel good to be back home! I was starting to get used to being in The Hole, but there's no place like home! Staying in the hospital for a week wasn't as bad as I would have thought. The days were mainly taken up by breathing treatments and get hand clapped. The only down side is the hospital's new policy on not letting patients leave the floor. I was unable to get out and go for walks/jogs in the park because of this new policy. I understand why they put it in place, but I think we (the CF population) are an exception. The only exercise I was able to get was walking on a treadmill.

I'm excited to be home so I can get some exercise in! I want to see my PFT's up to at least 64% when I go back on Monday. I'm gonna work my butt off this week to make sure that happens!

On a side note, I was released before 10am! This has never happened before. Usually they want me to stay for my 2 o'clock dose of meropenum and then I can leave. Today they got me out fast!

Thankfully, Monica and our families were able to make sure I got to see my boys almost every day! That was by far the worst part of being in there for a week. Not getting to be with my boys all the time!

So far, everything seems to be going good! I'm still coughing a lot more than usual. I'm hoping it's just because stuff is loosening in my lungs and that I won't need a 3rd week of antibiotics. We shall see!

Here's a few more pics from my visits with the boys!

Enjoying the view

Jeriah wondering what I'm doing

Jace wondering what I'm doing

Now both looking back to see what dad's doing

Chillin on the couch with Aunt Kara (Jeremy's sister)

They wore their mummy outfits to church and came to see me after

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