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Friday, September 27, 2013

5 Months Old: Update & Pics

The boys turned 5 months old on September 12th! I'm slightly behind in posting this update. :) They are doing fantastic! Not sure what all I've posted update wise on them and I'm too lazy at the moment to go back and read my earlier posts. So if I've already told you some of this stuff, well..... enjoy it a second time!

The boys have been spending a lot of time in their walkers and jumpers, which they love! It's so incredible watching them grow and progress! It's funny watching them jump. We'll sit and laugh at them and watch in amazement. Jeriah gets excited and jumps really hard and high. He kicks the ground when he comes back down and really gets that thing bouncing! Jace will jump forever at a nice steady pace, just bouncing away. They both will stay in the jumper for sooo long! Sometimes in the evening when we're getting their bath water ready, preparing their rice bottle or getting their food ready (they eat now), they'll be getting fussy but will keep jumping away even while fussing/crying. It's so funny!

They both are doing great at eating! Jeriah got the hang of it quicker and seems to enjoy eating more. Jace seems just as content to nurse. He'll definitely be the harder one to wean off nursing. He loves his momma and really enjoys his cuddle time and nursing. Jeriah seems to want to cuddle less and less. He's a mover! He never holds still. He's always wiggling, trying to climb up my chest, sit up, roll over, jump, grab his feet, etc. He's gonna be our handful!

We've started sleep training recently. It started off pretty rough! More so on Monica as she's the one that mainly gets up with them at night. It's really paying off though! They fall asleep on their on faster every night and more awake each night. They are sleeping 7 hours again before eating and usually fall back asleep after they eat. It's been wonderful! Jace had been harder as he's the cuddly one that loves being with his momma. We think it has been more a separation issue than anything with him. He still wakes up once or twice but falls back asleep quickly on his own. They're both in so much better moods too! They've always been really good babies, but they have been even happier since they've been sleeping more.

Overall they're doing fantastic!! They're pretty much out of their 3 month clothes now :( We're gonna have to take inventory of what 6 and 9 month stuff we have and start preparing for winter!

Enough chit chat, here's way too many pics for you to enjoy!

Jeriah - "Whatcha wanna do today?"
Jace - "How bout a nap?"

LOVE these puppy dog eyes!

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