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Friday, July 12, 2013

3 Months Old

The boys are 3 months old today! The time has flown by so quickly. I was watching our IVF video last night, and I can remember that phase of our life vividly. We were very excited to get the process started but wondered if we ever would have children of our own. Fast forward 13 months from when we started the IVF process and we have 3 month old twin boys! We are beyond blessed!

Our little guys have grown so much in the past 3 months. When people told us there would be something new every day we thought it was just an expression. It really seems like every day they accomplish something new. Jace has rolled over a grand total of 7 times and he just turned 3 months old today. He has bumps on his bottom gums and you can see the white of his first two teeth under the gums. He drools all the time! :) They can now put their fists in their mouths with no searching required. Jace rubs his eyes with his fist when he's tired. Jeriah will rub his little face against your shoulder like a pig rooting in the dirt when he's tired. Jeriah has been pulling his feet up to his chest for a couple weeks and finally managed to grab one the other day.

I could go on and on about all their accomplishments! The thing they do now that I think Monica and I love the most is look at each other. Within the past week they have gotten to where they will really watch one another. Yesterday when I came home from work, Jace was in a stand up bouncer we have. I picked Jeriah up and held him right in front of Jace. They both kept looking at each other and smiling. It melts our hearts! We love that they have noticed each other! It's so neat watching them look at each other.

I'll leave you with a few videos and plenty of pics to show how far they've come in 3 months!

Happy 3 Month Birthday Jace & Jeriah!!! Mommy and Daddy love you veeeeery much!!!





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  1. Wow! They have grown and changed so much! They are absolutely adorable. I was just reflecting on our IVF journey today also since my little girl will now be 2 months next week. It's amazing how long the journey seems when you're in the middle of it, but also how worth it every second of the process was. Happy 3 months!