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Friday, June 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Anniversary, In-laws & Running Buddy

Well it's that time of the week! It's Thankful Thursday!! Time to sit back and reflect on things in our lives that we can be thankful for. No matter how big, small or insignificant they may seem, there's always something to be thankful for. So..... What are you thankful for this week?!

Monica's List:

(To be filled in when she's not feeding, burping, changing a diaper or sleeping, lol)

Jeremy's List:

I'm thankful for my in-laws! While I was out on paternity leave (that's what it's called for the dad), Monica and I got to take two vacations almost back to back. We owe that blessing to our in-laws. They got a wild hair and decided to take a trip to Gulf Shores for a week and wanted us to tag along. We happily and gratefully said yes! I know they probably only invited us so they could spend the week on a beach with their grand babies, but we were super excited none-the-less! It was an awesome trip! One where I got to experience deep sea fishing for the first time. I recently got into fishing the past few years thanks to my bro-in-law. Let me tell you, deep sea fishing is worth doing! It was a BLAST! We caught red snapper almost the whole time we were fishing! My father-in-law and I were rakin' em in buddy! We caught more than anybody on the boat, and there were over 30 of us.  The second trip was a week long stay at Table Rock Lake here in Missouri. It's an annual trip for Monica's family. Once again, my in-laws made it possible! Usually everyone stays in one house. 20+ people in one 4 bedroom house! It's packed but a lot of fun! This year since we had the twins, we stayed in a condo with my in-laws. If it weren't for that we couldn't have gone. We'd have kept the whole house up all night, lol! It was also a blast! A week of fishing, tubing, wakeboarding (I learned to get some sick air this year) and riding waverunners! I caught two channel catfish, a white bass, and 3 Kentucky/spotted bass this year. They were good eating! We catch fish all week and have a big fish-fry at the end of the week! They were two phenomenal trips and a great way to end my paternity leave!

I'm thankful for a running buddy! As I mentioned Tuesday, my buddy and I started back running this week. This go around we know a lot more about running and should be able to catch back up to where we were pretty quick. We already almost ran 3 miles on our second run. Granted it was a snail's pace compared to what we used to run, but it's a start. One I'm happy with.

I'm thankful for my wife!!!!!! Today we celebrated 4 years of marital bliss! ;) I mean it too. They have been the best 4 years of my life. I married my best friend. She completes me! (sappy sigh) I never would have imagined I would end up with such an amazing wife! She's so much fun to be around. She makes me laugh. She has the same goofy sense of humor I do. She's everything I prayed for in a wife and so much more! People ask me all the time when they see a picture of her, how I managed to get a girl like her. I respond in one of two ways. Either 1) I'm still trying to figure that one out myself, or 2) I snatched her up before she realized how HOT she was and how much better she could have done, lol! I am that dorky, goofy looking guy with the smoking hot babe for a wife! :) Must have been my awesome personality and charm, lol. My wife is the best! She's an amazing mother! I can't wait to see what the rest of our lives together have in store for us! Love you sweetie pie! Forever and ever!

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