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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Music, Generosity, Swimming Pools

It's Thankful Thursday!! Yes, Thursday this time, not Monday. You get a double dose of thankfulness this week! Lucky you! As I say each and every week, there are so many things we can be thankful for! I can look around me everywhere and find different things to be thankful for! Without making you wait in anticipation any further, here's our lists!

Monica's List:

I am thankful for Christian music. We both love music! Most always there is music being played at our house. I'm mainly a worship music kind of girl but I also like Christian contemporary. God speaks to me through it a lot! When I'm scared, anxious, worried... a song comes on about God's peace and plans for my life. When I'm discouraged or sad, a song comes on about the joy of the Lord.... and so on. So of course it puts me in a better mood and focuses my thoughts on things of Heaven. (Colossians 3:2) Thank you Jesus for stooping down daily to show me that you love ME!!! Nothing in this world could make me feel more special!!

I am thankful for the generosity of others! I am amazed by those who have given us financial gifts for our "baby fund" in hopes of having a baby! It brings me to tears thinking of the generosity of others! Even people who hardly know us! To all of you we say THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts! You will never know how much it means to us! We love you all!!

Jeremy's List:

I'm thankful for Netflix and America's Funniest Videos! Monica and I don't have cable or anything, so we do a lot of streaming Netflix through my Xbox. One of our favorite things to watch is America's Funniest Videos! I love to hear my wife laugh! It's one of the best things ever! I torment her often by tickling her to the point of losing her breath laughing so hard. Not so that she can feel like me and lose her breath a lot, but to hear her laugh really really hard! I'm just kidding, I don't ever lose my breath, just trying to make a funny! :) Every time we watch AFV we end up crying laughing at something! It puts you in a great mood to laugh really hard, and we love it!

I'm thankful for swimming pools! Or should I say friends and family with swimming pools! Our friends have a pool with an awesome 3 tier deck attached. We have spent almost every saturday, sometimes friday and saturday, at their house swimming. We tease them about ruining our open invitation to their house by coming over every weekend, but I LOVE to swim! To me there's nothing like swimming on a scorching summer day! I love to feel the warmth of the sun beating against my skin, and then jumping into a cool refreshing pool to cool down! Makes you want to go swimming now doesn't it! Does me! I guess that about does it for now. I'll be heading to our friend's house tomorrow night now to swim! Catch ya on the flip side! Oh, by the way, what are you thankful for?! I know there's something! Post it so we can see what you all are thankful for! Adios!

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