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Monday, October 26, 2015

Update on Baby Trevor

Trevor is now 4 months old!! Hard to believe it has gone by so quickly. He's such a strong little booger. He's consistently in the 50th percentile for height and between 75-90th percentile for height. The doctor carries on about how strong and advanced he his every time he sees Trevor. He's a big boy! He's in 6 month clothes and will be out of them soon. 

He is without a doubt the smiliest baby I've ever seen!! He smiles non-stop! At everyone too. If you talk to him or look at him he'll smile. He smiles at his brothers and mommy and daddy all the time even we we aren't looking at him. His laugh is adorable and contagious as most baby laughs are. So far it looks as though he may actually be a redhead. In my previous post about him I mentioned it looked like it may be changing. Not anymore. It has stayed very red. His baby hair is falling out and new hair is growing in. As of yet it's too short and fine to tell what color it is. He's such a good baby! We had a few problems getting him to take a bottle when Monica went back to work. He wanted mommy and nothing else, lol. Can't blame him. 😊 He finally started taking a MAM bottle after trying several. We figured out he likes the milk very, very warm. Almost hot. If it's room temp, or even warm he won't touch it. It's gotta be over 100 degrees. We checked it with an infrared thermometer, lol. He's an awesome baby though! So content and happy, happy, happy!

I guess that's all for now. If I think of more to add I'll post another update. Here's some pics!

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