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Monday, August 18, 2014

If Time = Money, I'd be more Wealthy

I have a little over an hour of time added to my days now! How did I accomplish this you ask? I didn't switch to a different way of telling time where there are 25 hours in a day. I got a new nebulizer machine. Actually it's a compressor. I noticed that several of my fellow Cysters and Fibros had the same machine. I read several reviews on various CFer's blogs, did some research of my own on the internet and decided to purchase this specific compressor.

My treatments used to take me over 2 hours a day and I wasn't getting the full treatment. I often cut each treatment short so I wouldn't spend 2 1/2 hours sitting taking treatments. With my new compressor it takes about 30 minutes to complete my treatments on Cayston months and about 45 minutes on TOBI months. Each treatment runs until it is BONE-DRY! I'm getting my full treatments and have cut my treatment times by more than half! I couldn't be happier! In the CF world, this is HUGE! We spend so much time doing treatments and exercising, any way to cut down on that time, gives us a more normal life. This means more time to spend with my boys! More time to exercise! Less times that we as a family will have to show up late to family gatherings, etc. I'm ecstatic! So, if you're spending a long time taking treatments, I suggest taking a look at your nebulizer machine/compressor.

By now you're probably wondering what machine I purchased. Ok, I'll spill the beans. I bought an Invacare MOBILAIRE 50 psi compressor. To read more about it, click on the name.

Unfortunately, my insurance couldn't get me one. None of the companies my insurance gets equipment from carried the compressor. The Invacare website has it listed around $400. I was able to find one online for $275 with shipping included. I couldn't be happier with it! Worth every penny!

Just a little fyi for any CFers that read my blog. I love it, and feel obligated to share the knowledge. Hope it helps!


  1. It's about time brotha!!! Glad you finally joined the 50psi club :)

  2. can we see a video of this beast in action? ha ha