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Friday, August 22, 2014

Hernia Recovery Update

These posts are more for me than anything. I think it'll be neat to have a journal of sorts to keep track of things we go through in life. With that being said, here's some rambling about what's gone on since the last post.

It's been 3 weeks to the day since my surgery. I'm still amazed at how much smoother the recovery has gone this time around. I expected that with the same size incision (actually it's an inch longer at 10 inches this time) the recovery would be the same as in March. It's been leaps and bounds better! I'm getting around almost like normal. I got the drain, staples and sutures removed this past Wednesday. The difference after that alone was night and day. The area around the drain had become very red and irritated and was the main source of pain. Coughing was still rather painful because of the drain and the staples.

Since those have come out I'm virtually pain free. I have one spot that gives me a lot of trouble only when I cough in any other position besides sitting. So for now, anytime I need to cough, I try to hurry and sit down somewhere so it doesn't hurt. As long as I'm sitting, it doesn't hurt at all. It's very strange. The nurse and doc said I may have some pain from where the drain was, and the source of my pain now is exactly where the drain stopped under the skin. Besides that, I feel really good! Now the hard part is taking it easy.

I feel really good, so I will be more inclined to start doing a lot more and lifting more. The surgeon told me I can increase the amount of weight I lift by 5 pounds each week, starting at 10 pounds. Pain being my indicator as to when I'm going too far. My first feat will be to tackle the yard. My sister was kind enough to mow the front yard for me after I got out of the hospital, after 2 weeks of not being mowed. It's been another week and a half and we've had a lot of rain since the last mow. It's looking like a jungle again. The backyard hasn't been  mowed for almost 4 weeks now. It really looks bad! They boys were out playing in the backyard today and Jace found some weeds that were up to his chest. No joke! His chest! It's gonna be a blast mowing that, lol. It'll be good exercise though. I do have a self-propel mower that I will take full advantage of as well.  I have a CF clinic appointment Monday. I'll post the results of that. I'm anxious to see where my lung function is at.

Everything has been going good around the Parks' home! The family is happy and healthy! Life is great!

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