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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The BIG 3-0

This month I turned the big 3-0! That's right, I'm 30 years old now! Whoo buddy I'm getting up there! A lot of people have been razzing me about turning 30 and rightfully so. I get asked a lot how depressing it is and if it bothers me. When I say no, most everyone calls me a liar, lol. Honestly it really doesn't. When I turned 26, that bothered me a little. However, my perspective on life was different then. I was newly married (less than a year), had no kids, and was still adjusting to having to take CF seriously.

As a quick reminder, I wasn't ever admitted to the hospital for a CF exacerbation until age 18. I took my treatments sometimes and really didn't think twice about having CF as it really didn't affect me. After my first two admissions at ages 18 and 19, I started to take it more serious. I'd say I didn't really begin doing treatments consistently until I was in my early 20's. I really started to notice a steep decline in my lung function and really had to take it serious. Honestly, I often feel pretty "green" when it comes to CF. I haven't been in and out of the hospital my whole life and never paid any attention to what meds I took or what they were supposed to do. In the past 10-12 years, a lot has happened in regards to my health. A lot has also happened in my life. I'm now married going on 5 years and have 11 month old twin boys. My perspective on life and CF has changed a lot over the past 10 years and continues to change. CF is constantly affecting my body in different ways and I find myself doing a lot of adjusting to find what works and battle it the best I can. While I may have taken 26 a little hard, I've learned to appreciate life so much more since then. So, when it comes to getting older, I look forward to each year.

Growing up my parents were told I wouldn't live to be in my teens. Then it was that I wouldn't live to see high school, then college, then to have a career or family. As a kid, when you hear something from doctors that you respect and trust enough, you believe it. Growing up, I honestly didn't think I would live to be 21. I just always "knew" that I'd go to heaven before I turned 21. I still lived my life as if I was going to live longer, but never believed I would. I remember my 21st birthday vividly. It fell on a Sunday. I actually got pulled over on my way to church and given a ticket for not having my license plate affixed to the front of my car (it wasn't cool to have it on there). Nothing could ruin my mood that day though. When I got to church, I was overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness to still be alive. It may sound silly but I was. I had this revelation that "Hey, I made it! I'm 21 and still alive and well!" I praised the Lord with all I had in me that day for keeping me alive and healthy so long. Again, it may sound silly, but I truly believed I wouldn't live to see 21, because that's what I'd been told for so long. I realized then that doctors don't know everything. They simply try and prepare you for what they think may happen. It was then that I realized I was going to be alive for many, many more years.

Here I am 9 years later turning 30. My PFT's are in the mid 60% range and I'm doing good! Not only did I make it past my teens, graduate high school, graduate college with a bachelors, but I'm married and have a family! Life couldn't be any better! God has truly blessed me!

So when people ask if I'm bummed about getting older, I most certainly am not! I look forward to every year I am allotted on this planet and get to spend with my family and friends! To make turning 30 even better, Monica threw a surprise party for me that completely caught me off guard! I like to think I'm a pretty slick guy and very observant. She got this one past me beautifully though! It was a lot of fun and made it a great birthday! I hope to some day write a 50th Birthday blog post on here!

Here's a few pics from my birthday party.

My name for the day was "Vinny Gerr"

I'm also reppin' the More Than Just Me Foundation :)

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