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Thursday, February 13, 2014

10 Months Old

The boys turned 10 months old yesterday! They're growing up way too fast! It's hard to believe how much they've grown and are able to do now.

They both are crawling and have been for awhile. They pull up and stand next to anything they can grab approximately 157 times a day. It's all they do, lol. Crawl to this thing, stand up. Sit down and crawl to that thing, stand up. They shuffle along the couches, and walk from one thing to the next. We still have their jumpers in the living room. (We occasionally still use them while I'm doing treatments or we need to get stuff done without worrying about them getting into something. They're trapped, lol). They'll crawl to the first jumper, pull up on it. Then walk around it, side-stepping while holding on. They transfer to the next jumper, then to the coffee table, to the couch, the other couch, and now they've made it around the entire room! They're pretty close to walking too. They let go with one hand a lot or will not hold on at all and lean on things. They both will stand on their own when we make them. Only for a short time. They usually sit down pretty quick and take off crawling.

Jeriah has figured out how to climb up my legs and onto the couch, lol. I often sit at the couch with my legs crossed at my ankles. He has figured out how to put his knee between my ankles, pull up enough to get his other foot in there, then pulls and climbs up my legs and into my lap. It's hilarious! He works so hard when he's doing it.

They both give kisses now. It's absolutely adorable! They are the typical open mouthed baby kisses. Jace has been doing it for a little over a month. Jeriah just started a week or so ago. The other night, we were all sitting in the living room playing. Jeriah climbed into my lap while I was sitting on the floor and proceeded to give me kiss after kiss. I only asked for one but he just kept going. A couple times he caught me off guard and I had my mouth open, haha! Every time he gave me a kiss I said thank you and he smiled and laughed. I bet he kissed me 10 times. I was laughing so hard by the end of it! He's also been giving his brother kisses too. If Jace is laying on the floor, whether getting his diaper changed, playing or whatever, Jeriah has been known to come over and kiss him on the head. It's so cute!

Jace looks like he's gonna be our little ball player. For a month or so now, he's been throwing stuff, mostly balls. We went to Toys R Us the other night and bought 5 balls. They both like playing with them, but Jace will throw them and chase them. He's getting quite the arm on him! It's funny to watch him. It started with him slapping or pushing the ball along the ground and chasing it. Now he picks it up, throws it (sometimes with this cute side-arm motion, other times overhand) and chases it. He always has to have something in his hand too. He'll find something, a book, block, stuffed animal, ball, etc. and crawl all through the house while holding onto it. He always has something in his hand.

He also loves to push buttons. He loves to crawl to the Xbox and turn it off and on over and over and over. He will stop after it dings a few times and look at the TV to see if it's on. They both have learned the noise the Xbox makes when it starts. Whether they are in the room or not, if they hear it, they crawl to the TV and stand right in front of it when the Xbox comes on, lol. I don't know why, but they do and it's funny. They have several toys with buttons. They have a tractor with a button on top that makes it make noises. It's so funny how particular Jace is about pushing any buttons. He sticks his little pointer finger out and puts it right on the middle of the button and pushes it. He won't slap it with his hand or use any finger. It has to be his pointer finger with the rest of his fingers in a fist, lol!

They get into everything! We have to keep all doors closed! If we forget, they will notice and dart in the room and into everything they can. They're too smart! Jeriah has figured out how to open cabinets and the bottom drawer on our stove.

They like it when I build a tower of blocks so they can knock it over. I usually can barely get it built. As soon as they see me start building one, they race over to knock it down!

They're pretty much done with baby food now (except oatmeal cereal, they love the stuff). They want what mommy and daddy are eating, which isn't always the healthiest stuff! That is soon to change I think. Monica eats pretty healthy. I do not! I'm getting/starting a nutrition plan soon and it may drastically change the way I eat. I have yet to see, lol.

I guess that's enough rambling for now! Here's some pictures of our boys, who we are thankful for (since it is Thursday)  :)

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