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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankful Thursday: PFT Results, Man Time & Nursing

It's Thankful Thursday! I'm excited to do a Thankful Thursday post! I've missed a couple in the last several weeks. This week we're excited to talk about a few things we're thankful for. If you're new to reading this blog, we do a post every Thursday where we talk about things we're thankful for. It's not just for the month of November, but all year round! It helps us to realize that we're surrounded by blessings everywhere we look, and hopefully helps us not to take anything for granted. There's always something we can be thankful for. Without making you wait any longer, here's our lists:

Monica's List:
I'm thankful for heat! As it's getting colder I am thankful for our furnace and the heat in my car. I'm more of a warm weather girl and tend not to like being cold. I was just thinking this morning about how in the past people had to keep fires going to stay warm. I am thankful it is just a click of a button away for me! Ahh technology!

I am thankful for Jeremy's jump in his PFT's! I can breathe a little easier now knowing he can breathe easier! ;) Whew... was I holding MY breath this whole time?! haha!

I am thankful for breastfeeding! Don't worry if you are squeamish about that stuff, I am not gonna get all weird and detailed! I am just thankful for the opportunity to nurse them! It definitely wasn't always easy but it's paid off in the long run! The boys nurse so good and fast now! There are many reasons I am thankful for breastfeeding: the bond is so strong, it's so convenient (always the perfect temperature, ready, and sterile), I don't have a ton of bottles to wash, they usually eat in less than 5 minutes, $$$ (I always joke, when people comment about them being breastfed, that we couldn't afford formula for twins anyway) :) I shed the baby weight Very fast, and I know that they are getting the very best I can give them! I plan to wean them around a year. They are already 7 months and time has already flown by! I know it's gonna be a blink of an eye and then they will be done nursing, forever. I am thankful for this beautiful stage in life, with my babies, and I'm trying to treasure every moment of it that I have left!

Jeremy's List:

I'm thankful for rising PFT's! If you've kept up with my blog, you'll know that I was recently admitted with an FEV1 of 56%. After 2 weeks of IV's it dropped another 3%. This was a huge shocker for my family, myself and my CF team. I was kept on IV's for another 4 days. They added cipro (an oral antibiotic) and prednisone. They thought I had some pretty bad inflammation in my lungs. I went back yesterday for a follow up PFT. And drum roll please.... My FVC was up from 77 to 85% and FEV1 went from 53% to ................... 64%!!!!! Needless to say I'm ecstatic! I can't wait to see what they'll be in February! Starting at 64% and continuing to do treatments and work out I'm really hoping I can see close to 70%. We were a little nervous for a while, but hard work and being dedicated to my health paid off. 

I'm also thankful for fall! I don't like cold weather, but I do enjoy fall. The colors of the leaves are shades of red, yellow, and orange all around our house. It really is beautiful. Plus, I know I'll get some good exercise in when I have to clean out the gutters and rake the yard. It'll be the perfect backdrop for the boys pictures in a couple weeks! 

I'm thankful for comradery and man time! Deer hunting season is upon us! I honestly could care less about shooting a deer unless it's a trophy buck. Besides, a CFer, coughing his head off in the woods hardly makes a good hunter (one of the reasons I probably see very few deer, lol).  I do like deer sausage and deer tenderloins though! Is goo! I enjoy hanging out with just the fellas. Building a bonfire every night, and hanging out. No showers, no shaving. You can belch and fart whenever you want with no regard to manners, lol! The part I enjoy the most is sitting in the woods. Alone with God's creation. It's so peaceful! You sit for hours admiring the woods and nature. It's awesome! It's one of the most relaxing experiences ever. Alone with your thoughts and God. If you've never done it, I encourage you to find some woods and sit in them for an hour or so in the fall! If it's during deer season though make sure and wear some blaze orange! Safety first!

So what are you thankful for today?!?!


  1. So pumped to hear about your PFTs my man. There are times when a prednisone burst is exactly what I need as well!!

    1. Thanks Ronnie! Yea, it seemed to be just what I needed. I could tell after just a few days that my lungs seemed to be loosening up.