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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Participation & Music

It's Thankful Thursday ya'all! Get excited, get pumped! We all have had another week alive on this beautiful planet, Earth! I haven't been blogging quite as much lately for several reasons (excuses). I have had a crazy work schedule, caught a cold in the midst of trying to participate in a study for which I could not be sick, and just being slightly busier than usual. All excuses, non valid, so for that I apologize! I intend to get back on the blogging band-wagon. I know that makes all 7 of you that read my blog so incredibly happy! Lol! Anywho, here's our Thankful Thursday lists!

Monica's List:

Monica had just way to much to say for it all to fit, so we'll just say she's very thankful for the life God has given her! Especially her amazing husband! :)

Jeremy's List:

I'm thankful for being able to participate in a "genotype specific clinical trial." That is all I can say about it. :) I may or may not have already said too much in a previous blog, but I was recently informed that I'm not supposed to say anymore than what I stated above, lol. I was really worried I wouldn't make the cut. You cannot be having an exacerbation upon entering the study. I caught a cold 2 weeks before my scheduled start date and it was/is still lingering. However, my PFT's were either close enough/at/or above my baseline. They can't tell me what my specific numbers are. But, I'm in!!!! I took my first dose of study medication yesterday and am beyond words to express how excited I am to be in this study!!! This medication could make a considerable difference in the lives of A LOT of CF patients. As a friend of mine said it's not a "game-changer" kind of medication, but it's definitely heading that way! And that my friends is EXCITING!!! Almost brings tears to the eyes....... The younger CF generation stands to be greatly impacted. That is worth so much more than seeing my own PFT's rise.

I'm thankful for newly found music! I discovered an online Christian radio station based out of Texas. It's called NGEN radio and is found at They play a good variety of current Christian music ranging from hip-hop to worship to rock. They pretty much cover it all! It's so awesome to have good Christian music to listen to. It's funny that I was going to post this as I just read my buddy Ronnie's blog and he said he's thankful for new Christian rap. The old stuff had terrible beats (they had no money) and the lyrics were often very cheesy and corny. It didn't have anything on secular rap. I've always been into rap, and like Ronnie quit listening to secular rap because of the explicit lyrics and the content talked mostly about things the Bible teaches against. Not good for the soul. There are artists now like, Thousand Foot Krutch, Family Force 5, Tedashii, Lecrae, Disciple, Pillar, RED, Manafest, KJ52 the list goes on and on. Their music is awesome and most of all glorifies God! Suuuweeeet!!!


What are you thankful for today?!?!?!

P.S. I'm a little on the hyper side if you couldn't tell.... I have no explanation for why. That is all.



  1. We have some of the same favorite artists! Dude, check out Soundcloud, you'll discover new talent on there!!

  2. Hey Jeremy I have been told thru our inner citychurch outreach that st Louis is huge with Christian rap. Some of then come and performs at our outreaches for free and help get the word out "you can't go wrong following Jesus!" Myister is one you may know him as Synister from before he got saved, and his right arm Q-fire they are great guys and will be at our next church outreach Oct 12 if you or your youth would like to come. And I love the blogs so guess its