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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Niece, Laughter & Cameras

Hey everyone! It's Thankful Thursday time! This week I didn't let my days get mixed up and remembered! Thankful Thursday is something Monica and I really enjoy doing. We take time out each week to think of things in our lives we are blessed to have and thankful for. Often they are small, seemingly insignificant things that we take for granted. Big or small, there's always something we can be thankful for. Here's our lists for the week:

Monica's List:

Jeremy's List:

I'm thankful for the birth of my niece! She is absolutely adorable! Her name is Annalee Rose. The name is just as beautiful as she is! She was born perfectly healthy and came out quick. It's exciting to have yet another baby in the family. She makes the fourth baby under the age of 9 months in Monica's extended family. One of her cousins has a son who is 3-4 months older than the boys. Little Annalee is going to have 3 boys looking out for her as she grows up. I can't wait to watch another little miracle grow and develop! Which leads me to my next topic.

I'm thankful for laughter! The boys have been really close to laughing for quite some time now. They squeal and smile really big. At times it seems like they are trying hard to laugh but just haven't figured it out yet. This week Jace figured it out! I had just given him his nightly bath, put lotion on him and was covering him in baby powder when he laughed! I like bath time because they generally don't get distracted by too much around them and will look at us the whole time. I was talking to him and making silly noises like I always do. At the time, I wasn't trying to make him laugh. I was more focusing on the task at hand, getting them ready for bed. I couldn't tell you exactly what sound I was making or what face I was making, but something was SO funny that it made him laugh! It was AWESOME! It makes me want to hear it more and more now! I can't wait til I can have them both laughing hysterically!

I'm thankful for cameras. Especially cameras on our phones. It makes it so convenient to snap photos of cute moments or shoot videos when they're doing something cute. We try to use the digital camera and video camera when possible but most the time they doing something cute and spontaneous and we have our phone right there ready to go. If you really stop and think about it, technology is awesome and has come  long way! I remember having my little 110 camera that took those film cartridges that were shaped funny. Almost looked like a dumbbell. Anybody else remember those? We have taken so many photos and video, that soon we'll need an external hard drive. It's a bit ridiculous, but you're gonna have that on these big jobs! Know what I'm saying?! :)

So what are you thankful for this week?!

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