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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Screening Visit and More Pics

I had my screening visit on Tuesday. Everything went great! I was actually done over an hour early. I found several new parts of the hospital I have never been to before, which is rare considering I've worked there 8 years. The research nurse is awesome! She's really nice and very easy to talk to. I was a little concerned about what she would be like since I'll be seeing her every time I go. Everybody was super friendly and it went well.

It's quite a bit different than I expected. I have to technically get "admitted" every time I go. I have to be checked into the system and have a patient ID band. I had to have an ECG (never had one before), and an eye exam along with vitals, blood draws and PFT's. I think one of the hardest parts about this study will be that I can't see my PFT results! It was killing me! I'm so used to watching the screen while I do them and I see what my results were after each attempt. The nurse told me I'm not allowed to see them at all throughout the study. That will be difficult. I WANT TO KNOW! Haha!

I'm really excited about starting the study! Hopefully everything comes back good from the blood results and I will officially be in the study! My tentative start date is August 21st!

I guess that's about it. It was a pretty routine, boring visit. I thought it was exciting, but to most it would probably classify as boring.

The boys get cuter and cuter every day and do new things all the time! Yesterday while Monica was at the library having some quite, alone time (the boys were being bad and crying a lot all day long) Jeriah rolled from his back to his stomach and then to his back again! I didn't actually get to watch it though. I went to the kitchen to get my treatment stuff, and when I came back in he was on his stomach! I put my stuff down in the office and grabbed my phone to video him, and he was on his back again. I couldn't believe it! I think he had help by using the thing they lay under to pull himself over but he still did it! Crazy boys! Jace has been very talkative lately. He will lay wherever he is and just "talk." He'll make all sorts of sounds. He likes to get loud. He likes to say "AAAAAAAAA" a lot. He changes the pitch of his cute, little voice and gets louder and softer as he does it. It's hilarious! Monica and I just laugh and laugh at him.

Here's some pictures of they're hoodie outfits and some I took yesterday of them playing under they're "thing" (I have no idea what the technical term for it is so we'll go with "thing").

Jeriah's hand tastes good

They started out next to each other directly under the X

Trying to eat his bubby's head

What? We didn't do it...

Kicking those feet up high

They're both masters at finding their hands now

He rolls onto his side all the time. This time he found something to play with when he did.

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  1. Ahh! I love these picture posts. Every time I see the boys, I just want to squeal! :) They are quite the cute little things.