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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Family Fun

Monday we got to get together with Monica's family. Some of her family from Louisiana was in town to see all the new babies in the family! Monica's cousin had a baby in January, our boys were born in April and Monica's sister had her baby a week ago today!

Happy 1 Week Anniversary Annalee! (it was yesterday)

We got all the babies together for a picture. One I know we'll repeat over and over in the future. On the right is Jaxon (a day shy of being 7 months old), our boys Jace and Jeriah (4 months old that day), and Annalee (6 days old). Four babies within 7 months of each other!!! It's gonna be FUN! Her family is big to begin with and has gotten A LOT bigger this year! We're extremely blessed! Sometimes I honestly feel overwhelmed by how blessed my life is. I'm living the dream for sure!

Four beautiful, good-looking babies!

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