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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Work, CF Treatments & Twins

Well another week has passed us by, forever recorded in the history books. It's Thursday again, which means two things. We're close to the weekend being here and it's time to celebrate life with some thankfulness! Monica and I got this idea from another couple with a blog a year or so ago. Their names are Ronnie and Mandi and their blog is listed below under "other awesome blogs." We loved it so much, we decided to start doing it ourselves. Here's the idea, we take a little time each week to pick out a few things we are thankful for. Enough chatting from me, here's our lists:

Monica's list;

I am thankful for my job! I need to make sure and remind myself of this one. I am still working and there are days it is just plain hard. But I have a job and I am still able to work and make us some more money! :) I work with some great people who do everything they can to make my job easier on me right now. Without all of their help I wouldn't be able to continue working in my position as a baker. There's a lot of lifting involved and there's always someone lifting boxes for me and setting things up so I can just scale things out. I appreciate it so much!

Jeremy's List:

I'm thankful for medical advances! Things have changed a lot from when I was a kid when it comes to treating CF. I was born in 1984. At that time hand-clap CPT was the main treatment. There was no pulmozyme, no vest, no TOBI (there was tobramycin, but not the specially formulated version we now have), no Cayston. We didn't know the effects of hypertonic saline or taking azithromycin routinely. Things have come a LONG way! I remember when the Flutter came out. It was considered a huge medical breakthrough (at least in my area it was treated that way). I'm thankful that we have come such a long way. I spend a lot of time taking treatments every day, but I'm thankful I have the treatments to take that help keep me healthy! I'm also very excited to see where the future takes us!

I'm thankful that we have 5 weeks or less until we meet our boys! I make a point to feel them moving inside their mommy's tummy everyday. The anticipation and excitement grows every day! I cannot wait to meet my boys! They're gonna be the coolest, cutest, most awesome little guys ever! I'm thankful that they'll be here before we know it and for the blessing that is this pregnancy!

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