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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thankful Thursday: 10,000 Views, Birthday, V8 and Birthday Boy

Well it's Thankful Thursday time again! It seems like the weeks fly by so fast! I'll go to post about something and realize it's Thursday again and time to reflect on our lives and report some thankfulness. Another week down in the history books! Monica and I have a lot to be thankful for! Here's our lists:

Monica's List:

I am thankful for V8. I have been drinking V8 Strawberry Banana V-fusion pretty religiously and my PUPPS rash is virtually gone! When I don't drink it, the PUPPS starts to come back. I can tell I need to drink some more when I start itching. Less than an hour after drinking it the itching is gone!! It's the most crazy wonderful thing and for now it is doing the trick! My brother, who is a medical student, told me they think PUPPS has to do with your liver. I starting researching vitamins that are beneficial to your liver. This particular V8 is very high in a lot of them and every serving gives you a full serving of fruits and vegetables! Bonus!! Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me and this rash! I've had people tell me they pray for me every single day... that is the most humbling and kind thing I've ever heard! Words could never say how much we appreciate and covet prayers!

I am thankful for my birthday boy (a.k.a Jeremy)! :) I am thankful that he is mine and I get to share this life with him! Every moment is so precious and I am so thankful for every one I get to spend with Jeremy! What can I say?! Marry your best friend and that's what happens! :) I could go on and on about all the things I love about him, but I will only leave you with a short list. I don't want to make anyone gag... :)

Jeremy Wayne,
A few of the many things I love about you, are:
Your love and dedication to God and family,
Your prayers,
Your character, compassion, and humility,
Your sensitive heart,
Your sense of humor,
Your level-headedness,
Your self-lessness,
Your check-lists :)
Your quirks,
The way you squint your eyes when you smile,
Your responsibility with money,
How good you are with children,
Your adventurous nature,
Your hyper, giddyness,
Your hugs... and kisses (I know... gag!) haha,
      ... and the way that you love me!

They say not to marry a man unless you are willing to have sons who are just like him. I can say that I will be so proud for our boys to turn out like their daddy! I love you Pookiebear! Forever and ever babe!

Jeremy's List:

I'm thankful for 10,000 views on our blog! I never thought we would hit 10,000 ever, much less after starting this blog such a short time ago. I'm thankful that so many people find it interesting enough to keep coming back and following our journey through life. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to share our journey with everyone and blessed to hear that this blog is having a positive impact on those who follow it! These past few years have been the best of my life! To all of you who have followed and continue to follow this blog, thank you! If there's ever anything you want us to post on here, email me or leave a comment on here with your suggestions. We'd love to hear them!

I'm thankful for another birthday to celebrate. Yesterday I celebrated my 29th birthday. Man I'm getting old! It's a great feeling though! Each year I celebrate a birthday means I'm doing a good job kicking some CF booty! I don't mind getting old at all. In fact it's exciting to me. I'm not wishing my life away by any means, but I like to see that I am living and will live longer than the doctors told my parents I would!

I'm thankful for a running blazer! My blazer overheated on Tuesday and I had to be towed home. Thankfully the tow truck guy is a mechanic and spotted the crack in my radiator right away. My father-in-law who can fix anything was at our house too when I got towed home. It appears so far that it was just a cracked radiator. So.... my dad and I spent the day replacing the radiator! My mom brought us lunch on her lunch break from work. It's running really smooth now and we'll see how she does on the way to work tomorrow. Cross your fingers, lol! Monica made roast for dinner last night as well, one of my favorite meals! I would have rather not spent the day working on my blazer, but it went smooth and without any hiccups (which is extremely rare). Overall it was a good birthday!

So what are you thankful for today?!

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