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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Exciting Delivery

Last night we had a very exciting delivery to our house! No it wasn't the twins, lol! I received 20 copies of a magazine that I was recently published in. In November I was asked by the AARC Times (the AARC is a national organization and stands for American Association for Respiratory Care, therefore, the AARC Times is a nationally distributed magazine) to put my presentation on living with CF into article form. After finalizing the final copy, they also asked for several pictures of me "living life to the fullest," which I try to do each and every day. Not only was I amazed that they were going to print my article in their magazine, but they made it the cover story!

Now my big, goofy mug is right there, smack dab on the front page! Along with Monica's beautiful face! :) She made the cover too. I'm still kind of in shock and awe right now. This past year or so has been extremely humbling. The success and generosity of people on our Indiegogo campaign has also added to the humbling going on around here. If I think too much about it all, I'll get choked up for sure. :) Here's a look at the cover and the main story page. I also added a video from our fun filled weekend! Not quite as fun as Ronnie and Mandi's looked with McKenna (she's a doll) but I think you'll find it humorous!


  1. Where do they carry those magazines? I'd love a copy!!

    1. What's up Ronnie! Here's a link that the AARC sent me to order issues. I messaged you on facebook about it as well.