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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Big Milestone & Delivery Date

As of yesterday, Monica is 35 weeks with our twin boys! That means we passed a huge milestone in my eyes. According to the folks at the hospital, any multiples born before 35 weeks gestation automatically spend a night or two in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Obviously Monica and I do not want that to happen, but it's a very real possibility with twins. They may still have to spend a night or two there if they have any issues, but at least for now it won't be mandatory.

We're holding out that they are going to be perfectly healthy, happy baby boys! This was a pretty big milestone in my eyes though. It's one more week that their little lungs can develop and mature, and means that a NICU stay will not happen unless needed. They'll be here before we know it! Which as of right now, our scheduled delivery date is April 15, 2013 at noon! They're gonna be tax babies, lol! Think the gov't will give me an extra tax break since they're gonna be born on tax day?!

As long as they don't decide they want out sooner, we expect them to make their arrival to the world, Monday April 15th! Monica and I can't wait!! It's gonna be monumentously epic!! :)

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