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Friday, July 11, 2014

Feeling good + More Florida Pics

I have been feeling really good as of late! It's so awesome! I'm not coughing near as much when I lay down at night to sleep and can chase the boys around the house, go up flights of stairs at work, etc. without getting super winded and hacking up a lung. I'm actually feeling really good despite slacking on my exercise. I think it is due in large part to taking better quality treatments. Oh and prayer. :) I'm told there are a lot of the cornerstones at our church who have been praying for me. I believe that prayer works wonders!

I've been making sure to sit up straight and keep good posture during treatments. I have a tendency to slouch and roll my shoulders forward really bad when I'm sitting at the computer. This helps me breathe deeper, plus I'm making a more conscious effort to breathe deep. I've also been taking the time during and after treatments to hack up as much stuff as I can. The boys usually join me in the bathroom for "coughing/spitting time." They both just stand and watch, lol. At first they kept getting serious/concerned looks on their faces. I made sure to keep looking over smiling and laughing to assure them daddy is ok. Now they come to know it as routine. Jeriah often will stand close to the toilet (not too close cuz toilets are yucky) and try to spit into it. He leans his head back, then throws it forward as he "spits." Sometimes he actually does spit on the floor, lol. I've been feeling really good lately and hope it continues!!!

Here are some more pics of our trip to Florida from my sister-in-law's fancy camera!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Satellite Beach, Florida

We took a family trip at the end of May to Satellite Beach, Florida. It was the boys' second second trip to the beach. The first time they were a month and a half old at Gulf Shores, AL. They're two spoiled boys! It was a great trip! We spent a lot of time on the beach. We swam, boogie-boarded, and played in the sand. The men all went on a deep sea fishing trip that ended up being a flop. Our captain did more time fishing off the back of the boat, than finding us fish to catch. We spent a decent amount of time shore fishing. I bought a new 15 foot pole and a big reel for shore fishing in the ocean. Too bad I didn't catch anything, lol. My brother-in-law managed to reel in a 5-6 foot nurse shark though. It was awesome!

The boys were very tentative of the ocean. It took them a couple days to warm up to it. After they got used to it, they would walk out into them (only up to their knees) and play in it. They loved the sand! They had a lot of fun playing in it. We had a couple canopies that we set up and the boys spent a lot of time playing under them in the sand. Monica and her mom made the boys and our niece a make shift pool by digging a hole, putting a shower curtain inside the hole and filling it with water. It worked great and they loved it!

As many CFer's have noted, I felt like I was able to breathe so much easier there. Missouri is a very humid state. Our summers are hot! Temps in the 90's - 100's with anywhere from 60-80% humidity. Beach air is so much easier to breathe! It's a lot easier to clear secretions too! They've already proven that with studies in Australia (that's how we got hypertonic saline treatments). Not to mention playing in the crashing waves is one heck of an airway clearance treatment! Works twice as good as the vest! The real question is... When are we moving to a beach Monica?? ;)

Here's some pics from our trip! Enjoy!