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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Baby Games

The boys each have their own games we play with them that they think are funny. Jace likes to play a form of hide and seek. If he can't see your entire face he will lean, stretch or move however he needs to so he can see you. It's hilarious! We noticed it a couple weeks ago at a family birthday party. I play it a lot with him and he thinks it's super funny! Jeriah likes to do a balancing act on my hand, lol. I hold my hand out, put him on it and he will stand on my palm. He almost always grabs his hands and pulls them to his chest and makes the cutest face ever! It's sort of an I'm proud of myself/this is fun face. He scrunches his little nose and shines those two bottom teeth! It's usually accompanied by a giggle or squeal of excitement!

We have a couple decent videos that showcase their games! The one of Jace playing hide and seek is a longer video. He does it near the end. We were also trying to get him to look at his hand. For the past couple weeks, he'll be playing and will stop to stare at his hand while he's wiggling his fingers, lol! Like he's amazed that he can do it or something.

We hope to get better videos at some point. Anyway, here they are!

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