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Monday, August 12, 2013

4 Months Old

The boys turn 4 months old today! It's really hard to believe it has gone by so fast. Monica and I had a niece born this week. She weighs a little over 7 pounds. She seems so tiny. It seems like so long ago that our boys were almost 2 pounds lighter than that. They are growing like crazy and get cuter by the day!

Yesterday Jeriah mastered rolling from his back to his stomach and back again. Sadly I was at work when it happened, but Monica said he would roll onto his stomach, pull his arm out from under him and then roll onto his back again. She said he did it several times! This morning when we walked into the nursery Jeriah was out of his Swaddler. I thought Monica took him out, she thought I took him out. Turns out he must have found a way to free himself, lol. I don't know how he did it. It Velcro's closed and it's some really strong Velcro. It's also so neat to watch him play with toys now. We have a mat with toys that hang from it and they lay underneath it. He will move his arms ever so slowly until he gets his hand behind whatever toy he's going for (usually a stuffed panda) and will slowly pull it towards him and grab hold of it. It's incredible to watch really. He's figuring out his grip and hand eye coordination. He will grab things with his thumb and forefinger a lot too. Last night he pulled his binky out of his mouth with his thumb and forefinger and was just looking at it.

Jace is just as cute as he can be. He's always so happy and will smile at just about anyone who looks at him. He's drooling like crazy and constantly "chews" on his fists. He has laughed a couple times for us. He's gotten to where he kicks his legs in the air a lot too. It almost seems like they each take turns learning new things. For a while it seemed like Jeriah was slightly ahead, then Jace started doing a bunch of new things and sort of passed Jeriah up. Now Jeriah is learning new things. It's funny how it works.

They're growing up too fast!

Here's some new pics from recently. Mommy took them to the zoo for the first time last week! They rode in their stroller like big boys. Jeriah had his raccoon outfit on and Jace had a giraffe outfit on. Fitting for the zoo right?

Jeriah looks thrilled

Happy boy

watching something

Can I help you?

say what?!

Sitting on Aunt Maranda's lap

Hanging out with Uncle Adam

Riding on grandpa's shoulders

Jace the Giraffe in front of the giraffes making a funny face

worn out

My favorite two pics of them

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