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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Twin Update: 35 Week Appointment

Monica had her 35 week fetal monitoring and doctor appointment yesterday. This time they both decided to cooperate and they passed within 20 minutes. Last week, B was being a stinker and it took over an hour! The first time went really fast too, which got me to thinking. The first time I was there, the second time Monica was alone and yesterday Monica's dad took her. Uh-oh, looks like they were only acting up when momma was by herself, lol!

Her blood pressure is still normal. Everything looks great! She had a contraction during fetal monitoring! I guess that's kind of exciting since it's normal.Her doctor checked her cervix as well to see how it was doing. It is still completely closed! She said it may be thinning some but it's still closed. Those boys are locked in and not coming out! I guess they're not ready to meet the world just yet. :) Monica has been having close to 20 Braxton Hick contractions a day. Because she is having so many they wanted to check her cervix, but looks like everything's still golden!

Monica is still hanging in there unbelievably well! The only things pushing her to want to deliver the boys are the pupps rash, and the constant attention she gets because of her belly. She's not big on being the center of attention. Unlike me. :) I think the comments from strangers and such referring to the size of her belly are starting to wear her out. Obviously no woman wants to hear "You're HUGE!" from anyone, lol. Really the only thing interfering with her sleep and comfort is the pupps rash. If that would go away, we'd be good to go the full 40 weeks! :)

Anywho everything's great in the Parks' household! We can't wait to meet our boys! Oh and they appear to have a lot of hair via the ultrasounds! Again, unlike me. I leave you with a picture of my gorgeous wife!! She's still all baby, or babies I should say!

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