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Friday, March 15, 2013

Belly Pics: 34 Weeks

Here they are, 34 week belly pics! Our boys are growing! Our last visit 2 weeks ago they were just shy of 4 lbs a piece. We'll see how big they are next week! Everything is going very smooth as of right now. Monica's pupps have gotten a lot better again. They flared up in different spots after almost completely disappearing from the original spots. She thinks she has figured out that drinking V8 Fusion the strawberry/banana flavor makes them improve drastically. They are almost completely gone again after she has been drinking it a couple times a day. She's sleeping much better and almost through the entire night.

When the boys move now we definitely see it! You could spot it from across the room! It's getting harder to figure out what is what now. We know that A is head down still and B is breach. When we feel something directly above her belly button, it's hard to know if it's A's feet or B's hands, lol! Monica recorded a video earlier today when they were moving a bunch after she got home from work (yes she's a warrior and is still working). They both were kinda moving quite a bit. She rubbed her hand over where A had just been moving and he pushed his foot waayyyy out and it looked like he rolled over! It's simply incredible! I've worked in the nursery the past few days at work and it has made me even more anxious to meet my little fellas! I don't know if I'll stop kissing them! Once they're cleaned up of course. :) Enough jabber, you're here to see Monica's belly. If you haven't already scrolled past my rambling go ahead and check it out!

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  1. Beautiful! I love seeing the belly updates! She's doing so great!